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Official Organ 

of the 

Alumni Association 

of the 

Medical College 




November, 1967 
Volume 16, Number 4 

Aerial View of the dormi- 
tories, Larrick Center, tennis 
courts and parking. 

M^^g ) Q >ff8K® (jugg»^fl 



Official Organ of the 

Alumni Association of the Medical College of Virginia 

Published by the Alumni Association of the Medical College 

of Virginia in February, May, August, and November 

Editorial Committee 

James T. Tucker, M'27, editor-in-chief and chairman 

Wyndham B. Blanton, Jr., M'50; Russell V. Bowers, 

MS'37 and M'50: Charles P. Cardwell, Jr., vice-president, 

MCV; W. C. Henderson, D'37; William T. Sanger, 

chancellor emeritus; W. Roy Smith, P'41; W. T. Thompson, 

M'38; E. Randolph Trice, M'47; 

Minnie M. Franck, managing editor 


Mr. John M. Bierer, P'30, president 

Bierer's Professional Pharmacy, Lexington, Virginia 

Dr. William L. Cooke, M'29, immediate past preside 

230 Professional Building, Charleston, West Virginia 

Dr. John Wesley Parker, M'27, president-elect 

Seaboard, North Carolina 

Mr. J. Edward Marks, P'49, vice-president 

6209 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Paul Hogg, M'33, vice-president 

321 Main Street, Newport News, Virginia 

Dr. Thomas C. Bradshaw, D'35, vice-president 

First National Building, Blackstone, Virginia 

Miss Mary E. Cibula, N'42, vice-president 

MCV Station, Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. W. C. Henderson, D'37, secretary 

301 East Franklin Street, Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. James T. Tucker, M'27, treasurer 

Medical Arts Building, Richmond, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1967 

Mr. I. Gilbert Ball, P'33 

2431 Breckenbridge Drive 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Charles R. Bowman, P'22, M'28 

c/o Coca Cola Company 

Jackson, Mississippi 

Dr. Beverley B. Clary, M'39 

10 Greenway Lane 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Owen Gwathmey, M'45 

501 East Franklin Street 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. W. Tyler Haynes, D'26 

406 Medical Arts Building 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. John M. Huohes D'08 

Medical Arts Building 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Wallace S. Klein, Jr., 

642 Marshall Street 

Salem, Virginia 

Mrs. Elizabeth L. Sibley N'49 

5015 Carriage Drive, S.W. 

Roanoke, Virginia 


Term Expires December 31, 1968 

Dr. Wyndham B. Blanton, Jr., M'50 

828 West Franklin Street 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Thomas C Bradshaw, D'35 

First National Building 

Blackstone, Virginia 

Mr. Ralph W. Deaton, P'51 

Route 1, Box 26 

Pulaski, Virginia 

Miss Mae Belle Lee, N'51 

Zeigler House MCV 

Richmond, Virginia 

Mr. Thomas F. Marshall, Jr., P'49 

Urbanna, Virginia 

Dr. Fletcher L. Raiford, M'41 

Hendersonville, North Carolina 

Mr. John H. Tobin, Jr., HA'59 

408 North Twelfth Street 

Richmond, Virginia 

Term Expires December 31, 1969 

Dr. Moffett H. Bowman, D'35 

1412 Franklin Road, S.W. 

Roanoke, Virginia 

Dr. Custis L. Coleman, M'43M 

Medical Arts Building 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. John Wyatt Davis, M'30 

701 Euclid Avenue 

Lynchburg, Virginia 

Dr. Frederick W. Hines, D'42 

3801 North Fairfax Drive 

Arlington, Virgil 

Dr. Gervas S. Taylor, M'44 

7320 Glenvoie Avenue, Apt. 6K 

Norfolk, Virginia 

Miss Harriette A. Patteson, N'32 

MCV Hospital 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Thomas W. Sale, M'52 

110 O'Canoe Place 

Hampton, Virginia 

Mr. James Edwin Smith, P'47 

5418 Cary Street Road 

Richmond, Virginia 

Dr. Joseph A. Smith, M'50 

313 12th Street 

nbar, West Virginia 

Chapter Officers 

Delaware Vafley Chapter 

President — Dr. Robert G. Stineman, M'49 

212 N. Main Street, Cape May Court House, N. J. 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. J. Warren Hundley, M'27 

Meeting date: October 25, 1967 

Florida Chapter 

President — Dr. Dewitt C. Daughtry, M'39 

4201 Lake Road, Bay Point, Miami, Florida 

Vice-President — Mrs. Mae Belle Williams Condit, N'36 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Fred G. DeBusk, M'31 

Kanawha Valley Chapter 

President — Dr. Donald E. Cunningham, M'53 

55 Main Street, St. Albans, West Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. Paul O Soulsby, M'38 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mrs. Catherine Falls Jarrett 

(Diet. '39) 

New York Chapter 

President — Dr. Leroy S. Safian, M'43M 

166 East 61st Street, New York, New York 

Vice-President — Dr. Robert G. Proctor, M'55 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Granville M. Leaman, M'34 

Meeting date: October 26, 1967 

North Carolina Chapter 

President — Dr. John William Watson, M'53 

104 New College Street, Oxford, North Carolina 

Vice-President — Dr. Francis B. Lee, M'43M 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Bennette E. Stephenson, M'35 

Northern Virginia, Washington and 
Southern Maryland Chapter 

President — Dr. Philip R. Milton, D'39 

1829 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. Stuart C. Nottingham, M'55 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Hampton Hubbard, M'47 

Peninsula Chapter 

President — Dr. Elmer Orva Fisher, Jr., D'60 

1 Riverdale Drive, Hampton, Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. Roland G. Garrett, Jr., P'54, M'58 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mr. John D. Cowley, Jr., P'57 

Puerto Rico Chapter 

President — Dr. Hilda Garcia de la Noceda, M'40 

108 Betances Street, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 

Secretary-Treasurer — Dr. Delores Mendez-Cashion, M'37 

Richmond Chapter 

President — Dr. Francis H. McMullan, M'51 

1812 Monument Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 

Vice-President — Mr. J. Gilbert Ball, P'33 

Secretary — Dr. Bennett A. Malbon, D'58 

Treasurer — Miss Marguerite G. Nicholson, N'34 

Roanoke Chapter 

President — Dr. John T. Walke, M'40 

1036 Oakwood Drive, Roanoke, Virginia 

President-elect — Mrs. Eleanor R. Roller, N'55 

Secretary — Mrs. Elizabeth L. Sibley, N'49 

Tidewater Chapter 

President — Mrs. Dorothy K. Thomson, N'34 

1067 Algonquin Road, Norfolk, Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. John A. Byrd, M'47 

Secretary — Dr. Herbert H. Bonnie, D'44 

Treasurer — Mr. Robert W. Clyburn, P'35 

Valley Chapter 

President — Mrs. Alma P. Lacy, N'38 

818 South Stewart Street, Winchester, Virginia 

Vice-President — Dr. Paxton P. Powers, M'50 

Vice-President — Dr. Orville O. Van Dusen, D'42 

Vice-President — Dr. D. Ewell Hendricks, M'57 

Secretary-Treasurer — Mrs. Lillian F. Hoover, N'35 

West Virginia Chapter 

President — Dr. Horace R. Vial, M'43M 
4931 McCorkle Avenue, S.W., South Charleston, West Virginia 

H id 0W1 psttaduke to- LuUaduce to- you the, tieui- 

pAo~§.&LLoh,b and ateacLate 
fitvo-faeAboM unho- hau~e fo-Uted 
the ^acuity at YYldV ^o-m 
%avi. 1 - &*pt. 1 ,1967 

William Regelson 


Born in New York City, married, and has six children. 

A.B., University of North Carolina, 1948. 

M.D., New York State University College of Medicine 
Downstate, New York City, 1952. 

Internship: Maimonides Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, 

Assistant and senior resident in medicine, disease, 1953- 

Special fellow in cancer research, 1955-1956; senior 
cancer research internist, 1956-1957; associate cancer 
research internist, 1957-1959; acting chief pediatri- 
cian, 1962; Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, 
New York. 

Lecturer, State University of New York, Buffalo, 1962- 

Assistant research professor of medicine, State Univer- 
sity of New York, Buffalo, 1964-1966. 

Associate chief cancer research internist, Roswell Park 
Memorial Institute, Medicine A, Buffalo, New York, 

Professor of medicine and chairman of the division of 
medical oncology. 

Reticulo-Endothelial Society, American Heart Associa- 
tion, American Association for Cancer Research, 
American Federation for Clinical Research, American 
College of Clinical Pharmacology and Chemotherapy, 
American Association of Clinical Oncologists, Inter- 
national Society of Nephrology, International Reticulo- 
Endothelial Society, and American Association for 
the Advancement of Science. 


Paul D. Doolan 


Born in New Haven, Connecticut, married (wife de- 
ceased, 1965), and has four children. 

Georgetown and Duke University 1941-1944. 

M.D., Georgetown University Medical School, 1947 

Retired U. S. Navy, captain, Medical Corps, 1942- 
1946, 1948-1967. 

Associate dean and professor of medicine, area of con- 
cern, curriculum. 

One of early workers in the field of hemodialysis, the 
first to apply the use of an artificial kidney to the treat- 
ment of drug intoxications, other areas of investigative 
interest being renal clearance of individual amino 
acids, the application of peritoneal lavage and body 
composition. Most recent interest, the mechanism of 
chelate nephrotoxicity. 

Fellow, American College Physicians. 

Certified Navy boxing coach. 

Swims 500 meters, freestyle, in 9 minutes, which is 
approximately twice as long as it takes our M-ll B 
student Thompson Mann to cover that distance back- 
stroke, but for medical school deans, it's an accom- 

Dora Mae Eldredge Blackmon 


Born in Lockport, New York, married, and has three 

R.N., Russell Sage College, Troy, New York. 

B.S., nursing, University of Miami, Coral Gables, 
Florida, 1950. 

M.A., Teachers College, Columbia University, 1953. 

Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, 

Staff work, 1947-1949. 

Teaching, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami, Florida, 

Chairman of nursing department, assistant professor, 
associate professor, University of Miami, Coral Gables, 
Florida, 1953-1956. 

Professor of nursing and chairman of the medical surgi- 
cal nursing department. 

National Institute of Mental Health Scholarship 1957- 
1958, 1960-1961. 

National League for Nursing Fellowship, 1958-1959. 

Listed in Who's Who in American Women, Who's Who 
in Education, and Dictionary of International Biog- 

John F. Alksne 


Born in San Jose, California, married, and has four 

Undergraduate and M.D., University of Washington, 
Seattle, Washington. 

Internship, North Carolina Memorial Hospital, Chapel 
Hill, North Carolina. 

Neurosurgical residency, University of Washington, 

Fellow, National Institute of Health, Oslo, Norway, 

Assistant professor of neurological surgery, UCLA, 
School of Medicine, 1964-1967. 

Professor of neurosurgery, chairman of division of neuro- 

My current interest is the transport of materials from the 
cerebral spinal fluid to the blood across the arachnoid 
villi. We are studying this with the electron micro- 
scope using autoradiography of I 125 tagged serum 
of humans. To continue this work at the Medical 
College of Virginia, the neurosurgical service will have 
an electron microscope laboratory on the eighth floor 
of the Medical Education Building. For the past three 
years, I have been interested in the stereotactic ap- 
proach to the problem of ruptured intracranial 
aneurysms because of the high operative mortality 
morbidity associated with convential surgical tech- 
niques. We have found that it is possible to place 
a magnetic probe against intracranial aneurysms using 
x-ray control with the patient awake. It is impossible 
to create a thrombus within the aneurysm by injecting 
suspension of iron powder into the aneurysm and 
holding it in place with a magnet until clotting and 


early scar formation occur. By this technique it is 
possible to operate on patients with intracranial 
aneurysms using only a small burr hole for insertion 
of the magnetic probe. These studies will be continued 
at the Medical College of Virginia. 

James R. Callison 


Born in Columbia, Kentucky, married, and has four 

B.S., Western Kentucky State College, Bowling Green, 
Kentucky, 1951-1954. 

M.D., Vanderbilt University, School of Medicine, Nash- 
ville, Tennessee, 1954-1958. 

Internship, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, Vander 
bilt University Hospital, 1958-1959. 

Residency, general surgery, Massachusetts General Hos- 
pital, Boston, Massachusetts, 1959-1960, 1962-1965. 

Military service, U. S. Army Hospital, Fort Jackson, 
Columbia, South Carolina, 1960-1962. Served on 
surgery staff and the last six months as chief of the 
section, urology. 

Teaching resident, surgery, 1963, Massachusetts General 

Teaching resident, plastic and reconstructive surgery, 
Presbyterian University Hospital, Philadelphia, Penn- 
sylvania, 1966. 

Associate professor and chairman of the division of 
plastic and reconstructive surgery. Consultant in plas- 
tic surgery at the McGuire VA. Hospital and a mem- 
ber of the medical staff of the Crippled Children's 

My objective at the Medical College of Virginia is to 
establish a division of plastic and reconstructive sur- 
gery for the purpose of developing a training program 
for plastic and reconstructive surgeons, broaden the 
training of surgical house officers in general surgery 


and other subspecialties in the areas of hand surgery, 
head and neck tumor surgery and reconstruction, burn 
reconstruction, facial trauma, and congenital anom- 
alies, and to teach medical students the principles 
of these disciplines. 


Founders Medal, 1958, and Merritt Award for Research, 
1957, Vanderbilt University. 

Certified American Board of Surgeons, 1966. 

Candidate member, American College of Surgeons and 
American Society of Plastic Surgeons. 

Barry Quentin Walker 


Born in Brooklyn, New York, married, and has two 

A.B., Middleburg College, Vermont. 
Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. 
M.S., University of Arkansas. 
Adelbert College, Ohio. 

M.D., Western Reserve University, School of Medicine. 
High altitude flight medicine, special training, U.S.A.F. 
Internship, St. Luke's Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Residency, Cleveland Clinic. 

Full staff member, department of radiology, Cleveland 

Associate professor in diagnostic radiology. 

Former member of Cleveland Environmental Pollution 

Prepared and exhibited at two national radiology meet- 
Papers on new techniques in soft tissue radiology and 
credited with finding new application for immersion 

Graduated summa cum laude, doctorate of medicine and 

Spanish Association of Anatomistes, International So- 
ciety for Stereology, Cajal Club. 

Juan A. Astruc 


Born in Utrera, Sevilla, Spain, married, and the father 

of five children. 

University of Granada, 1950-1957; M.D., October 28, 

1957; doctorate in medicine and surgery, January 7, 


Instructor of anatomy, University of Granada, Granada, 

Spain, 1957-1958. 
Assistant professor of anatomy, University of Salamanca, 

Salamanca, Spain, 1958-1960. 
Assistant professor of anatomy, University of Granada, 

Granada, Spain, 1960-1962. 
Assistant professor of anatomy, 1962-1964, associate 

professor of anatomy, 1964-1967, University of 

Navarra, Pamplona, Spain. 

Associate professor of anatomy. 
A. D. Williams Grant, 1937. 
U.S.P.H.S. Research Grant, 1966. 
International postdoctoral fellowship of N.I.H., 1963- 

Juan March Foundation Grant for 1962. 
Postdoctoral fellow of the Consejo Superior de Investi- 

gaciones Cientificas of Spain, 1957-1959, department 

of anatomy, and at the University of Muenster/Westf, 

Germany, 1959-1960. 
Predoctoral fellow of the Mutualidad del Seguro Escolar 

of Spain, University of Granada, Granada, Spain, 


B. Peck Lau 


Born Singapore, is married, and has three children. 


B.S. Randolph-Macon College, 1952-1955. 

M.D. Medical College of Virginia, 1955-1959. 

Radiology training: Washington Hospital Center, Wash- 
ington, D. C, and University of California Medical 
Center, San Francisco. 

N.I.H. Fellow in radiotherapy, M.D. Anderson Hospital, 
Houston, Texas. 

Certified 1966-1967. 


Assistant clinical professor, radiology at University of 
California, San Francisco. 


Associate professor of radiology. 


Phi Beta Kappa and Murray Medalist at Randolph- 
Macon College. 

Member of A.K.K. fraternity. 

Lectured at American Roentgen Ray Society meeting, 
described for the first time in the literature the picture 
of osteochondictis caused by X-ray therapy and its 



Leo James Dunn 


Born in Trenton, New Jersey, married, and has two 

B.A., Hofstra University, New York, 1952. 

M.D., Columbia University, College of Physicians and 

Surgeons, 1956. 
Internship, Cincinnati General Hospital, 1956-1957. 
Residency, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, 

Associate professor, University of Iowa. 

Chairman and professor, department of obstetrics and 

Markle Scholar in medical science. 

Born in Chicago, Illinois, married, and has three chil- 

B.S., physiology, Ohio State University, 1953. 

M.S., physiology and biophysics, Ohio State University, 

Ph.D., biophysics, University of California, 1961. 

N.A.S.A. Electronics Research Center, Cambridge, 
Massachusetts, senior scientist in life studies. 

Associate professor of physiology, research and teaching 
interests are in the area of circulatory biophysics and 
patient monitoring. One of his responsibilities here 
will be in computer development in the physiology 

Author of about fifteen scientific articles, including a 
book on Biomedical Electronics. 

Howard M. Yanof 


Charles G. Spradley 


Born, Tennyson, Indiana, married, and has three chil- 

B.A., University of Louisville. 

M.D., Indiana University, School of Medicine. 

Residency, radiology — U.S.N.H., San Diego, California. 

U. S. Navy, nine years. 

Active private practice in California until August, 1967. 

Associate professor of radiology. 

Diplomate, American Board of Radiology. 

Member, American College of Radiology. 

Member, American College of Physicians. 

Radiological Society of North America. 



Edmund D. Lowney 


Born Port Arthur, Texas, married, and has two children. 
B.A., University of Texas, 1953. 
Ph.D., Yale, 1957 

M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1960. 
Internship (medicine), the New York Hospital-Cornell 

Medical Center, 1960-1961. 
Residency (dermatology) University of Pennsylvania, 


Assistant professor of dermatology, University of Michi- 
gan, 1964-1967. 


Associate professor of medicine-dermatology; teaching, 
research, and private practice. 


Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alpha Omega Alpha. 

Boards in dermatology, 1965. 

Published research papers on "Treatment of Acne Vul- 
garis" and "Prevention of Allergic Contact Derma- 

Mary Louise Paynich 


Born Copper City, Michigan. 


R.N., University Hospital, School of Nursing, Ann Arbor, 

Michigan, 1931-1934. 
B.S., Public Health Nursing, School of Public Health, 

University of Michigan, 1942-1944. 
M.S.N. ; and Ph.D., School of Social Science; Catholic 

University, 1956-1961. 


General staff nursing and public health nurse staff, 1934- 

Nursing field representative, American Red Cross, 1947- 

Teaching and rose to assistant professor in public health 
nursing, Catholic University, 1952-1955. Nurse re- 
search associate and supervisor rural health survey, 
Sante Fe, New Mexico, 1961-1963. 

Assistant professor, Mercy College, 1963-1964. 

Associate professor, University of South Carolina, 1964- 


Associate professor and chairman, public health nursing, 
and responsible for assisting with the development of 
master's program in public health nursing. 


Charter member, Kappa Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau. 

Member Pi Gamma Mu. 
Listed in Who's Who of American Women, 1966. 

Reunion, '67 

May 31, June 1, and J 




Ludwig Ivan Epstein 


Born in Duisburg, Germany, and married. He has been 
a naturalized citizen since 1943. 

B.S., 1940, and M.S., 1941, in physics from the Cali- 
fornia Institute of Technology. 

Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1967. 

During World War II, worked on rocket project at Cal 
Tech, then for Bausch & Lomb Optical Company, and 

Taught at Lowell Technological Institute, Massachusetts, 
1958-1963, and at Marietta College, Ohio, 1963-1964. 

Associate professor, department of biophysics — theo- 
retical physics (statistical mechanics). Teaching sta- 
tistical mechanics (theory of random motion of 
molecules). Hopes to teach geometrical optics for 
ophthalmologists, quantum mechanics, and thermo- 
dynamics in the future. 

Member of Sigma Pi Sigma, Optical Society of America, 
and American Association of Physics Teachers. 

Author of a book, Nomography, and numerous articles. 

Michael Andrew Pears 


Born in Woking, England. 


Westminster School, London, England. 
St. Mary's Hospital Medical School, University of 


Assistant to the medical unit, St. Mary's Hospital, Lon- 
don, 1953. 

Tutor in clinical medicine, University of Oxford, 1956. 

Consultant physician, King's Lynn, Norfolk, England, 


Associate professor of medicine-director of medical out- 
patient clinics. 


Classical scholarship, University of Oxford, 1939. 

Prize in internal medicine, St. Mary's Hospital, London. 

Prize in cardiology, St. Mary's Hospital, 1951. 

Qualified with honors, M.B.B.S., London, 1951, with dis- 
tinction in pharmacology and therapeutics. 

Class 72 


1917 S. S. Cook (M) and Mrs. Cook, of 
Napa, California, celebrated their 50th wed- 
ding anniversary on June 7. This party was 
the cause of his not attending his 50th 
reunion. He plans to be back next year. 
After his retirement from the Navy in 
1956, he was health officer in Napa for seven 
years and now is a part-time plant physician 
for the Kaiser Steel Corporation. He serves 
as president of both the County Cancer 
Society and the County Mental Health As- 


1922 Malcolm H. Harris (M), of West 
Point, Virginia, is the liaison representative 
to the Tri-State Medical Society for the 
Virginia Academy of General Practice. 

1923 Clyde B. Reese (D), of Richmond, 
Virginia, was named boss of the year by 
the Richmond Dental Assistants' Society. 

1924 Clay W. Evatt (M), of Charleston, 
South Carolina, has been made emeritus pro- 
fessor of ophthalmology of the Medical Col- 
lege of South Carolina. 

Lula Woods Garst (M), of Catawba, Vir- 
ginia, has retired after more than forty 
years of service at Catawba Sanatorium. 
1926 J. Berkeley Gordon (M), of Rumson, 
New Jersey, made a 300-mile open boat 
trip down the Yukon River, from Dawson 
City to Circle, Alaska, with a camping trip 
to Mt. McKinley National Park. This was 

Doctor Gordon's 21st wilderness trail ride 
with the American Forestry Association as 
medical officer. 

W. L. McBride (Ml, of Mendon. Vermont, 
writes: "My wife and I flew to London on 
May 16, visited Paris and the area around 
Verdun that I plodded over in 1917-18 
under a heavy army pack, then on to Edin- 
burgh, Glasgow, Belfast, and Dublin. We 
made some brass rubbings at a church in 
North Leach. England. We returned home 
just in time for me to have a massive gastric 
hemorrhage for no apparent reason. I am 
feeling better after multiple transfusions, but 
rather subdued." 

1927 W. Linwood Ball (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, is one of the liaison representa- 

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IHembetekib &st 

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Cs ifcui Tiame Hete) i\ Hot, fet Us Gbi Ct lo 

The Supplemental Hist 'fob \^b"] Cn lite 

jev'iu.a'ixi ^calab 

£>o tyou lHav Haoe Ct Vote 

* Indicates deceased. 

Dentistry (UCM) 
Charles T. Womack 

Medicine (UCM) 
Luther R. Stinson 

Medicine (UCM) 
Thomas H. Johnson 

Medicine (UCM) 
E. L. Grubbs 

S. L. Craig 
Medicine (UCM) 
Delos D. Hooper 
Nursing (UCM) 
Ellen W. Goss 

George Brunner 
Medicine (UCM) 
Oscar J. Corpening 


Bernard S. Clements 
Medicine (UCM) 
John W. Devine 

Mark T. Frizzell 
James C. Moore 
Clifton G. Parker 
Pharmacy (UCM) 
H. G. Whitehead 

G. W. Skaggs 
Medicine (UCM) 
Eugene B. Pendletor 
Dentistry (UCM) 
John M. Hughes 
Nursing (UCM) 
Ora P. Locke 


James R. Boldridge 
Medicine (UCM) 
M. B. Cabellero 
C. L. Harrell 
Pharmacy (UCM) 
P. M. Massie 


Turner S. Shelton 
O. W. Ward 
Medicine (UCM) 
John W. Turman 
Dentistry (UCM) 
Paul E. Jones 


Douglas Atkinson 


Royall G. Cannaday 
Charles H. Cherry 
R. H. Eanes 
G. G. Hankins 
Henry Clay Smith 
Medicine (UCM) 
J. Henry Cutchin 
Harry Harrison 
J. G. Raby 

Walter H. Wunder 
Nursing (UCM) 
Anne H. Moore 
Anne C. Stephenson 


Charles Watts Haden 
W. W. Hargrove 
Medicine (UCM) 
Lewis J. Friedman 
M. Pinson Neal 
Joseph L. McSparran 
Charles C. Smith, Jr. 
James N. Williams 
D. D. Gray 

S. B. Berkley 
E. L. Caudill, Sr. 
Abraham I. Weinstein 
Medicine (UCM) 
O. T. Amory 
J. O. Fitzgerald, Jr. 
J. D. Hagood 
George S. Hurt 
Robert W. Woodhouse, Jr 
Pharmacy (UCM) 
Glenn Updike 
Albert R. Warner 
Nursing (UCM) 
Mae W. Young 

*Hyman Danish 
Guy B. Denit 
James R. Gorman 
Kenneth D. Graves 
J. M. Holloway 
Edgar P. Norfleet 
George W. Parrott 
George B. Tyler 
Howard Urbach 
J. C. Walker, Jr. 
C. B. Young 
Medicine (NCMC) 
Oscar R. Black 


George B. Cocke 
G. Van Durrer 
David W. Paulette 

Inez A. Boatwright 
Nora Spencer Hamner 
Elzabeth A. LaNeave 
Lucy Oliver 


James B. Anderson 
M. Roman Benitez 
H. D. Bucalo 
J. M. Emmett 
Carroll H. Iden 
*Benjamin Newman 
W. M. Phipps' 
John E. Porter 
G. W. Schenck 
J. Gregg Smith 
A. R. Friddle 
L. J. Henley 

L. Nelson Bell 
William P. Gilmer 
P. G. Hamlin 
J. L. Hamner 
Henry C. Johnston 

Please Use This Blank And Enclose With Your Check If Your Name Is Not Listed 
Here is my $10 or $78 (Anniversary Club) to make me a voting member for the calendar year, 
1967, and with it is $ for the worthwhile projects of the Alumni Association. 




Year of Graduation 
-Zip Code 

Make your check payable to the Alumni Association of AACV and mail to 
1 105 East Clay Street, Richmond, Virginia 


W. H. Parsons 
William O. Poindexter 
Albert T. Ransone 
Booker E. Rhudy 
Alex F. Robertson, Jr. 
Philip S. Smith 
F. P. Sutherland 
E. F. Holton 

E. Ray Altizer 
Edward T. Ames 
Blondin S. Brake 
Carl A. Broaddus 
Randolph G. Broaddus 
Alan J. Chenery 
Dean B. Cole 
S. S. Cook 
Charles J. Devine 

D. S. Divers 
James A. Fields 
Bernard F. Glichriest 
J. Stewart Gilman 
Arthur E. Gouge 
Campbell Harris 
Marshall H. Hood 
Albert G. Horton 
Basil B. Jones 

T. C. Lovelace 

Ramon M. Suarez 

Toson O. Summers 

R. F. Thornhill 

Fred G. Woodruff 


J. C. Overbey 

Beaman Story 

K. M. Yokeley 


I. C. Bird 

W. T. Gladden, Sr. 

E. V. Greever 
*Edward S. Haney, Jr. 

Marcellus S. Miller 

L. R. Shadwell 

S. B. Wright 


Bessie M. Chapman 

Patricia R. Shine 

W. A. Simpson 
Wallace Spigel 
James F. Terrell 

W. Archer Bagley 
W. I. Carpenter 
L. M. Massey 
N. F. Muir 
George F. Hendley 
Leo Rosenthal 

Nancy P. Dailey 
Frances H. Draper 
Nina Ramsey Jeter 

H. W. Decker 
C. L. Nance 
R. H. Bruni 
Leon J. Walton 

H. O. Bell 
J. F. Edmonds 
H. R. Huston 
Augustine J. Russo 



Francis J. Britton 

R. J. Walker 


Etta Davis Felvey 

Gertrude E. Uding 


Francisco Jose Casaldu 
T. Dewey Davis 
Rob Roy Doss 
Paul A. Robertson 
J. K. Shumate 
R. Hugh Wood 
W. E. Clark 
Floyd L. Leonard 
John C. Tyree 
Jack S. Adams 
R. R. Rooke 
Sedona V. Shaw 
J. G. Thomas 
Allen Lee Vaughan 

Joseph Coates 
Powell G. Fox 
Malcolm H. Harris 
W. J. Ozlin 
Thomas M. Winn 
James B. Woods, Jr. 
French H. Moore 
Tillie L. Weinstein 
L. W. Butler 
H. M. Eads 

D. T. Gooden 
T. F. Marshall 
L. V. Morgan 
C. R. Pendleton 

Hildred Bauserman 
Clara Virginia Besson 
Jane J. Brown 
Florence C. Schwab 


E. Macaulay Babb 
William H. Batte, Jr. 
Wyatt S. Beasley, Jr. 
Benjamin E. Glass 

E. P. Hileman 

Robert S. Kyle 

Homer B. Luttrell 

J. A. Mease 

Waverly R. Payne 

Joseph P. Treccase 

Leta J. White 


J. Jac Bangel 

Andrew B. Cooke 

R. Ashton Gay 

Harry Lyons 

Leland S. Mabry 

Clyde B. Reese 


M. Jennings Baber 

J. W. Chamblee 

W. R. Lecky, Jr. 

E. R. Rush 

Maxwell Zedd 


Edna N. Hooker 

J. A. Avrack 
G. W. Black 
J. L. Blanton 

Donald S. Daniel 
Clay W. Evatt 
Lula Woods Garst 
Rudolph Goldberg 

C. E. Haberlin 
Henry A. Hornthal 

B. E. Hunt 
Clark F. Lemley 

W. Ambrose McGee 
W. E. Newcomer 
Roy L. Noblin 
Allen B. Sloan 
H. Hudnall Ware, Jr. 
T. B. Washington 
L. O. Alexander 
W. Russell Colvin 
George W. Duncan 
S. Nelson Gray 
G. Fred Hale 
O. R. Hodgin 
James L. Purcell 
L. R. Semones 
Herbert Spear 
W. J. Sydnor 
James G. Albert 
Stanley T. Gray 
George E. Schlosser 

D. B. Schwetz 
H. H. Shiner 
Edward P. Turner 

Roscoe D. Campbell 

D. G. Chapman 
Bernard Disick 
Robley R. Goad 

W. Randolph Graham 

E. Bacon Hardee 
Archbold M. Jones 
R. G. Lefevre 
Charlie F. Manges 
Ashby G. Martin 
Dana T. Moore 
Olga Steinecke 

R. L. Williamson 

C. H. Wilson 
John M. Plank 


Fletcher E. Ammons 
Guy C. Amory 
Webster P. Barnes 
Richard A. Bowen, II 
William T. Burch 
A. D. Ferrell 
J. F. Folk 
Harry Golston 
J. Berkeley Gordon 
Thomas B. Gordon 
E. W. Gray 
Abraham J. Hollander 
Jeanette T. M. Jarman 
J. Philip Jones, Jr. 
A. A. Karen 
Max Kliger 
Lewis C. Lush 
George O. Martin 
W. Fuqua Mitchell 
Rafael Rodriguez-Molina 
Luis M. Morales 
Maurice Rosenthal 
Donnie M. Royal 
J. Asa Shield 
H. L. Townsend 
Louis Wardell 
Edward W. Wood 


William Tyler Haynes 
Edward Myers 
W. A. Ratcliffe 

B. W. Blachman 

C. B. Carlan 
Braxton Coiner 
Hunter M. Gaunt 
Z. B. Johnston 
M. J. Kavanaugh 
C. A. Pollard 

Lois F. Arundel 
Maude L. Fox 
Ruth A. King 

W. L. Ball 
H. A. Bracey 
G. Norfleet Carter 
Raymond H. Curry 

B. H. Denman 

Jose Garrido-Collazo 
Seth Gayle, Jr. 
L. Holmes Ginn, Jr. 
J. Warren Hundley 
Leo L. Jacobs 

E. W. Johnson 
Sidney F. Johnston 
Orvin C. Jones 
Athey R. Lutz 

F. U. Metcalf 
Charles L. Newland 
Juan Nieves-Colon 
John W. Parker, Jr. 
Paul E. Prillaman 
Irwin Rifkin 

P. A. Shelburne 

M. S. Stinnett 

S. F. Stockhammer 

R. R. Summers 

James T. Tucker 

Victor K. Young 


J. R. Fleet 


A. O. McCalley 

R. Maclin Smith 


Florence S. Osborn 

Asher L. Baker 
Joseph F. Barrett 

C. R. Bowman 
Clyde L. Brothers 
Raymond L. Claterbaugh 
A. R. Comunale 
Garrett Dalton 
George W. Easley 

W. C. Elliott 
P. C. Grigg 
Millard D. Hill 
Joseph J. Hornisher 
N. Berkley Jeter 
E. C. Joyner 
Dorothy Kirshbaum 
Allen S. Lloyd 

D. F. Love 
Frank Mongillo 
Claude L. Neale 
John H. Reed, Jr. 
R. H. Reitzel 

J. R. St. George 
R. F. Simms 
W. R. Southward 
James A. Soyars 
William N. Thompson 

G. Hunter Wolfe 


Fred G. Repass 

W. C. Webb 


W. J. Ramsey 


Mary Campbell Gale 

Medical Technology 

Katherine K. Wade 

S. O. Bennett 
Rex Blankinship 
Charles H. Bondurant 
W. M. B. Brown 
O. K. Burnette 

A. C. Chandler 
Samuel L. Cooke 
Algie C. Davis 
Addison M. Duval 
William J. Ellis 
W. A. Graham 

C. Y. Griffith 
W. F. Hatcher 
T. N. Hunnicutt, Jr. 
Charles Lipshutz 

B. L. Parrish 
J. P. Pregnall 
Charles R. Robins, Jr. 

C. P. Ryland 
H. A. Shaffer 
William P. Stull 
R. L. Waddell 
P. H. Winston 
Isham T. Hardy 
O. S. Martin 
Bernard Behrman 
Carey N. Dodd 
R. W. Perry 
James H. Sullender 

Rachel H. Hughes 
Anne F. Mahoney 
Elva Newman 
Minnie P. Oldham 
Frances L. Pickard 
Virginia M. Porter 
Bernice H. White 
Lillian Winston 
Medical Technology 
Elizabeth Caperton 


Harold B. Ashworth 
E. S. Berlin 
M. Foscue Brock 
W. E. Butler 
J. Glenn Cox 
Clyde L. Crawford 
John W. Davis, Jr. 
R. E. Dunkley 
Van M. Ellis 
E. Raymond Fenton 
K. St. Clair Freeman 
S. Dewitt Gardner 
J. R. Gudger 
H. J. Harris 
T. S. Jennings 
Clifford W. Lewis 
E. Terrill Montgomery 
Leslie E. Morrisett 
N. W. Newman 
Zenas B. Noon 
M. M. Ralsten 
H. M. Richardson 
R. S. Roberson 
Claude E. Simons 
W. G. Stephenson 

Meyer Vitsky 
Louis E. Wice 
James N. Williams 
J. H. Yeatman 

B. A. Brann 

J. P. Broaddus 
J. P. Cross 
Stanley L. Dixon 
E. Bodge Kent 
J. J. O'Keefe 
W. Davis Parrott 
R. O. Reynolds 
W. N. Richardson 
S. B. Tower 
J. M. Bierer 

C. L. Biscoe 
B. J. Fitzhugh 
E. E. Willey 

Virginia L. Bardin 
Elizabeth E. Barnes 
Ella P. Bounds 
Harriet B. Chapman 
Helen H. Crossley 
Lillian M. Gardner 
Mary B. Healey 
Nellie H. Hopkins 
Corrine C. Jenkins 
Elia W. McCauley 
Elizabeth K. Ryan 
Dita E. Steele 


Antonio Acosta-Velarde 
Harold I. Amory 
Paul J. Bundy 
Robert C. Bunts 
R. D. Butterworth 
Julius Caplan 
Meyer Cohen 
Frank Philip Coleman 
John E. Collier 
L. B. Copenhaver 
Oscar W. Cranz 
Fred G. DeBusk 
J. G. Faulk 
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Victor Goodside 
I. L. Hancock, Jr. 
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E. M. Mann 
Frank Mayfield 
Tom Hall Mitchell 
John H. Murphy 
Thomas B. Payne 
E. Cotton Rawls 
J. N. Reeves 
Fred Taylor Renick 
W. E. Roye 
Adolfo Sanchez 
Howard M. Starling 
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J. W. Ames 
Leon Slavin 
Percy C. Spitzer 
Hunter B. Wiltshire 
Herman E. Becker 
Sidney G. Karp 
M. Bruce Rose 



Marie J. Brickhouse 
Deborah Cappleman 
Blanche S. Connell 
Juanita A. Pastore 
Sabra S. Russell 

Milton H. Bland 
Nathan Bloom 
H. G. Byrd 
Richard C. Cecil 
R. Lee Clark, Jr. 
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Winston Tucker LaNeave 
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E. W. McCauley 
Samuel H. Mirmelstein 
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Walter A. Porter 
H. Sutton Powell 
Paul S. Richards 
Potter A. Richards 
Euston S. Robertson 

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Beecher L. Smith 

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George D. Vermilya 

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J. M. Winkfield 


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Otis Oliver 


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F. K. Collins 

J. H. Jones 

William G. Tarrant, Jr. 


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Harriette A. Patteson 

Harriet F. Suits 

Mary B. Thompson 

Minnie E. Thorne 


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William Bickers 
Ernest P. Buxton, Jr. 
J. W. Carney 
Edgar W. Childrey, Jr. 
'Ellis O. Coleman 
Florence H. Comess 
C. W. Copenhaver 
Samuel F. Driver 

J. Spencer Dryden 
W. F. Evans 
M. D. Foster 
David S. Garner 
B. C. Grigsby 
Paul Hogg 
Mary E. Johnston 
J. Bernard Jones 
Robert H. Jordan 
Jefferson B. Kiser 
M. H. McClintic 
Juan Mimoso-Raspaldo 
R. B. Nutter 
E. W. Perkins 
James W. Phillips, Jr. 
Joseph F. Phillips 
J. A. Robinson 
S. G. Saunders 
Andrew D. Shapiro 
H. B. Showalter 
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Charles W. Taylor 
John O. Watkins, Jr. 
Hugh L. C. Wilkerson 
P. L. Wolgin 

A. A. Yurko 

M. A. Clark 

B. M. Haley 
Walter B. Lett 
S. I. Silberman 

J. G. Ball 
Roger D. Brown 
Ralph Carino 
Allen N. Fore 
*G. Wallace Hook 
E. Claiborne Robins 
Joseph S. Rowe 
G. C. White 

Mary S. Bloxom 
Susie M. Brown 
Carmen Hood Drewry 
Isabelle W. Galbraith 
Italy D. Nelson 
Medical Technology 
Muriel Jones 

Alfred Abramson 
Robley D. Bates 
Henry A. Brown 
Robert A. Brown, Jr. 
William F. Bryce, Jr. 
C. I. Butte, Jr. 
C. C. Chewning, Jr. 
S. C. Cox 

Robert D. Croom, Jr. 
Charles Fallon Davis 
W. Fredric Delp 
Claude S. Finney 
Mildred B. Forman 
Harry L. Glass 
John McK. Harry 
Cecil C. Hatfield 
Horace D. Hoskins 
Grey C. Hughes 
William R. Hutchinson 
Brock D. Jones, Jr. 
C. P. Jones, Jr. 
Frank W. Jones 
George Louis Jones 
James P. Kent 
N. T. Keys 
Alan F. Kreglow 
G. M. Leaman 
W. S. Lloyd 
R. Campbell Manson 
E. C. Mathews 

K. J. Moore 

Clyde G. O'Brien 

Philip W. Oden 

Edwin J. Palmer 

P. N. Pastore 

J. A. Payne, III 

Thomas B. Pope 

C. L. Riley 

R. C. Siersema 

M. G. Stutz 

Robert V. Terrell 

Girard V. Thompson 

Elam C. Toone, Jr. 

Hight G. Warwick 

John W. Whitlock 


Robert H. Bailey, Jr. 

Alexander Kaufman 

Ernest D. Overbey 

Robert E. Williams 


C. B. Freeman 

John W. Gallagher, Jr. 

W. B. Gates, Jr. 

W. L. Hickok 

R. M. Reilly 


Heath S. Altsman 

Daphne L. Beneke 

Vivian Bragg 

Nannie G. Cole 

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Miriam C. Goldman 

Marguerite G. Nicholson 

Alene R. Rogers 

Dorothy K. Thompson 


John E. Alexander 

Herbert M. Beddow 
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James Dudley Brown 
William H. Chapman 
Chai Chang Choi 
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John P. Lynch, Jr. 
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David Pollack 
Reno R. Porter 
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Wellford C. Reed 
S. T. Ryang 
John R. Saunders 
Seymour Schotz 
Bennette E. Stephenson 
Hack U. Stephenson, Jr. 
Clarry C. Trice 
Leo L. Tylec 
William Roberts Tyson 
Angelo J. Villani 
Harold W. Ward 
T. Duval Watts 
Washington C. Winn 
D. Blanton Allen 
Moffett H. Bowman 
T. C. Bradshaw 
Richard Lee Simpson, Jr. 


Charles E. Green 
J. Curtis Nottingham 

Alma Collier Baetz 
Helen T. Bryce 
Erna L. Carlson 
Alice D. Dole 
Allie B. Habel 
Ruhamah W. Henshaw 
Lillian F. Hoover 
Frances C. Morgan 
Hazel S. Parrish 
Louise C. Wiseman 

Homer Bartley 
Ben Bogen 

D. Brusca 

Paul K. Candler 
A. A. Davis 
Lee F. Dobbs, Jr. 
Robert R. Eason 
Eugene R. Evans 
Helen G. Evans 
Homer E. Ferguson 
William Y. Garrett 
Frederick C. Goodall 
Marvin R. Houck 
A. M. Jacobson 
A. R. Johnston 
Max Koenigsberg 

E. Willis Lacy, Jr. 
Dorothy Clark Loveall 
lla M. Malzone 
Robert H. Mitchell 
John H. Murry 
Frank N. Pole 
Spotswood Robins 
Leroy Smith 

Jack Jay Stark 

I. Ewen Taylor 

Lewis S. Trostler 

Arthur L. Van Name, Jr. 

Thomas U. Vermillion 

Walter E. Vermilya 

John G. Welch' 

Claude B. White 

R. B. Woodhull 


Robert Frederick Eastman 

Jack J. Goldman 

Samuel P. Kayne 

Thomas E. Martin 

William S. Miles, Jr. 

Preston D. Miller 

Coyte R. Minges 

Nathan Neyman 

Herbert Tobias 


J. M. Early 

Alex Grossman 

J. P. Maddex 


Eula T. Brown 

Mae Belle W. Condit 


D. Coleman Booker 
James O. Burke 
K. N. Byrne 

Delores Mendez Cashion 
Marvin S. Cashion 
Louise L. Clark 
Guy W. Dougherty 
John P. Eastham 
Lendall C. Gay 
S. R. Gillespie 
W. G. Hardy 
Clarence M. Hawke 


John A. B. Holt 

William B. Hoover 

John Paul Jones 

V. Clifton Lanier 

Louis Lipman 

John T. Llewellyn 

Elmer McGraw 

Julien H. Meyer 

Richard A. Michaux 

Margaret A. Pennington 

W. A. Pennington 

E. A. Pushkin 

E. Bryan Quarles 

Felix A. Rodriguez-Forteza 

J. B. Ruffin 

George A. Shetter 

Julius J. Snyder 

Otis W. Snyder 

Christian Thelen 

Morris Wilburne 

Roger S. Williams 

William L. Wingfield 


Samuel E. Buxton, Jr. 

Matthew J. Connell, Jr. 

Stephen F. Gutowski 

I. Michael Harris 

Woodrow C. Henderson 

Thomas M. Hunter 

Nathaniel Janiger 

Ben C. Magun 

Alexander Martone 

Norman G. Sedel 


John W. Courtney, Jr. 

Jacob H. Fratkin 

John R. Hudson 

John Ray Hurt 

W. P. Lewis 

Stuart K. Richards 

B. W. Tucker 

C. E. Wheeler 


Julia T. Brogan 
Doris R. Davis 
Mary J. Hudgins 
Sara D. Ingold 
Marian D. Machen 
Margaret M. Price 
Kathleen P. Robertson 
Rachel B. Rooke 
Fay T. Vaden 
Edith L. Wilson 
Virginia R. Zehringer 
Medical Technology 
Louise Carden 
Joan E. Tubbs 


Raymond S. Blackman 
Ralph B. Blowe 
Hayes W. Caldwell 
Russell N. Carrier 
Julius F. Chairsell 
Phillips L. Claud 
David M. Cogdell 
Garland Dyches 
Alexander Earle 
Ira C. Evans 
Robert M. Ferrell 
George S. Fultz, Jr. 
Edward E. Haddock 
Archie A. Hoffman 
Albert William Holmes 
Jacob C. Huffman 
Charles F. James, Jr. 


an E. King 

Albert A. Kossove 
Sydney L. Lang 
Walter Glenn Lewis 
Carl S. Lingamfelter, Jr 
William H. McCall 
Marvin E. McRae 
John F. Morris 

P. J. Nutter 

Sidney Grey Page, Jr. 

Herbert G. Ruffin 

Dwight Santiago-Steven; 

Irving M. Schor 

Earl S. Scott 

Woodrow W. Scott 

Otto S. Steinreich 

W. T. Thompson, Jr. 

Gilman R. Tyler 

Annie Louise Wilkerson 

George H. Williams 

H. Joseph Williams 

William Hart Woodson 


Ernest L. Bayton, Jr. 

R. A. Daniel, Jr. 

Anthony M. DeMuth 

William B. Irby 

Sanford A. Lipford 

Mark Milton Neale 

A. G. Orphanidys 

William H. Traynham, Jr 


George E. Barrow, Jr. 

Herald Edds 

W. W. Gray 

James F. Hollenbeck 

Stanley H. Jewell 

William H. Joyner 

A. Ralph Martin 

Pearl E. Martin 

Robert L. Richardson 


Mary K. Cauthorne 

Isobel S. Hudson 

Alma P. Lacy 


Ava Lancaster Cannon 
William L. Claiborne 
Beverley B. Clary 

D. Co 

Dewitt C. Daughtry 
Helmut M. Dehn 
Thomas S. Ely 
Eugenie Fribourg 
Arthur B. Gathright 
Sidney J. Hellman 
Marion F. Jarrett 
Irene L. Kossove 
Saul Krugman 
R. Coleman Longan, Jr. 
Carl Manuta 
Frederick G. McConnell 
Milton M. Neale, Jr. 
Harold I. Nemuth 
Maurice E. B. Owens, Jr 
James F. Parkinson 
John L. Patterson 
Debora Pineles 
Willard Pushkin 
William J. Robinson 
William M. Smethie 
John E. Stone 
Harry A. Tubbs 
George D. Vaughan 

Ulpian G. Bradenham 
Raymond L. Hensley 
C. Kirtner Johnson 
Jack C. Kanter 
Robert L. Mason 
P. R. Milton 
H. Shepard Moon 
C. W. Powell 
F. E. Rodriquez 
Charles M. Rosa 
James T. Thomas 
Amand C. Vipond 
Herbert M. Abbitt 
Z. I. Blachman 
Charles O. Fore 

Sidney A. Hirsch 

Roderick L. Lucas 

Justine H. Wilkins 


Frances W. Etheridc 

Thelma D. Helfrich 

Evelyn R. Johnson 


H. Jones 


Olivia Abernethy 
Oscar Aguilo 
C. Sherrill Armentrout 
John Dewitt Ashley 
Richard P. Bellaire 
Vernon M. Bryant 
Arthur B. Croom 
Galen G. Craun 
Felix C. Feamster 
Dorothy Fisher 
Herman Jacob Flax 
Robert S. Gatherum, Jr 

C. Ben 


Richard K. Hanifan 
Milton J. Hoover, Jr. 
John F. C. Hunter 
Francis C. Johnson 
Hal S. Johnson 
Gus T. Kerhulas 
Edward L. King 
W. G. King 
John H. Moorman, Jr. 
Morris H. O'Dell 
F. Elliott Oglesby, Sr. 
Glenn F. Palmer 
Elmer S. Robertson 
James E. Spargo, Jr. 
Wilkin R. Stevens 
Walter E. Vest, Jr. 

VV v3 S L O x O O-K. 

Psychiatric Hospital, Inc. 
Richmond, Virginia 



Assistant Medical Director 

Medical Director 





P. O. Box 1514, Richmond 27, Virginia 

Telephone 266-9671 



John T. Wolke 
Walter E. Ward 
Amelia G. Wood 
Aubrey F. Clark 
Aubrey C. Duffer 
James B. Early, Jr. 
Harold A. Epstein 
Raymond A. Holcomb 
W. Yates League 
E. Y. Lovelace, Jr. 
Robert I. Miles 
Maurice E. Newton 
Jose O. Porrata 
Thurman J. Ross 
J. V. Turner, Jr. 
Boyd S. Clements 
Garland C. Habel 
Frieda Karsh 
James H. O'Brien, Jr. 
John W. Payne, Jr. 
C. C. Scott 
W. Thomas Spain 

Mary Theresa Buffey 
Velma H. Morgan 
Marjorie S. Moss 
Alberta C. Rawchuck 
Bernie M. Sullivan 


Ernest B. Agee, Jr. 
Herbert C. Allen, Jr. 
Charles Baldini, Jr. 
Bradford S. Bennett 
Samuel Blank 
John O. Boyd, Jr. 
Frank N. Buck, Jr. 
Walter H. Buffey 
Estill L. Caudill, Jr. 
William E. Doner 
Jorge A. Colon Davila 
Robert S. Faircloth 
Mary V. Gallagher 
A. Broaddus Gravatt, Jr. 
William Ward Huffman 
Julius C. Hulcher 
Charles B. Keppler 
Arthur A. Kirk 
Sidney Lyons 
J. David Markham 
John J. Marsella 
Lester M. Mason 
Edward T. Matsuoka 
Carolyn M. McCue 
Percy J. McElrath, Jr. 
Lloyd F. Moss 
M. Jane Page 
Carl P. Parker, Jr. 
Luke W. Query, Jr. 
Fletcher L. Raiford 
W. H. Rardin 
James S. Rhodes, Jr. 
George S. Row 
John Edgar Stevens 
Adney K. Sutphin 
Julian A. White 
William R. Woolner 

Bernard B. Batleman 
Charles R. Guthrie, Jr. 
Homer C. Jarrett, Jr. 
Wesley B. Jones 
Joseph M. Kline 
Robert H. Loving 
Hume S. Powell 
C. R. Richard 
Robert Lynde Simons 
Frank P. Turner, Jr. 


John G. Wall 
Paul G. Caplan 
Alden S. Hankla 
Linwood S. Leavitt 
C. V. Montgomery, Jr. 
W. Roy Smith 
John O. Wallace 

Bonnie P. Chitwood 
Selby M. Gray 
Idell M. McElrath 

Thomas B. Baer 
William Ryland Bailey, Jr 
James R. Brandon 
George K. Brooks, Jr. 
M. C. Caballero 
Pauline D. Carmichael 
James W. Choate 
G. F. Dederick, Jr. 
Charles R. DuGan 
Edward J. Evans 
George E. Ewart 
Donald R. Gilbert 
Haywood N. Hill 
Duvahl R. Hull 
Hunter Jackson 
Augustine W. Lewis, Jr. 
Ansel Lipman 
Fred D. Maphis, Jr. 
Berkeley H. Martin, Jr. 
Rutherford D. Neal 
Oscar Lee Ramsey, Jr. 
Harry C. Robelen, Jr. 
Catherine Stoeckel 
Evelyn L. Stull 
James A. Thompson, Jr. 
Maurice S. Vitsky 
William E. Walton 
O. W. Ward, Jr. 
Herbert F. Webb 
David C. Whitehead 

David M. Alexander 
James T. Ashwell 
William H. Brown 
Miles W. Cheatham, Jr. 
Eugene V. Crockett 
Philip W. Handy 
Frederick W. Hines 
Irving L. Hutcherson 
Cyril R. Mirmelstein 
Orville O. Van Dusen 
Rupert S. Walker 
M. E. Woody, Jr. 
Robert E. Woolwine, Jr. 
L. D. Jones 
E. Carlyle Phillips 
W. Nelson Ridinger 
John Joseph Schooley 
William H. Thompson 
Ralph M. Ware 
Helen U. Britt 
Mary Esther Cibula 
Mary C. Garby 
Aileen B. Hagood 
Julia K. Longerbeam 
Margaret A. Robertson 
Josephine W. Shultz 
Blanche A. Stephens 
Elizabeth Todd Topping 
Marie H. Trivett 

1943 — March 
L. E. Banks 
Alfred A. Berger 

Charles P. Blunt 
Charles W. Byrd 
Robert E. Carr 
Stuart H. Catron, Jr. 
James L. Chitwood 
Custis L. Coleman 
Hal S. Floyd 
William S. Grizzard 
William J. Hagood, Jr. 
John Marcus Kester, Jr. 
Melvin B. Lamberth 
Andrew M. Lang 
Francis B. Lee 
Robert H. Putney, Jr. 
Harold S. Rafal 
Lucile W. Richardson 
Charles R. Riley 
Norman Rosenthal 
Leroy S. Safian 
Juan Santos 
John S. Shaffer 
James Avon Smith 
Russell N. Snead 
Wiley B. Trivett, Jr. 
Garnett R. Tureman, Jr. 
H. R. Vial 
Herbert L. Warres 

A. Robert Anderson, Jr. 
Warner James Ball 
Wesley A. Boatwright 
Bragdon R. Bowling 
James L. Parker 
S. Cecil Patteson 
Walter M. Allen 
Robert Page Kent 
Frank Lash, Jr. 
Floyd A. Robertson, Jr. 
Edna G. Bays 
L. Frances Gordon 
Susan C. Lewis 
Evelyn F. Laupus 
Virginia T. Maphis 
Dorsye Russell 
Edith West 
Pearl S. Wolfe 

1943 — December 

Richard A. Bagby 
Howard E. Baldini 
Robert H. Barnes 
Paul E. Brady 
Fay Carmines 

Walter Frank Daughtrey, Jr 
David D. Dexter 
Henry E. Ernst 
William W. Farley 
Robert H. Fennell 
Eugene Freundlich 
James Cofer Gale 
Thomas V. Goode, Jr. 
William N. Greever 
Robert A. Hoffman 
Shirley Sue M. Howard 
A. C. Johnson 
Sarah H. Jones 
William R. Kay 
Frank R. Kelly, Jr. 
Otis E. Linkous, Jr. 
Virgil R. May, Jr. 
Fred C. McCall 
Frank F. Merker 
W. W. Mills 
Ruth O'Neal 
John M. Ratcliff, Jr. 
Charles H. Rawls 
W. H. ReMine, Jr. 

Ashby T. Richards 
George S. Rowlett, Jr. 
Donald C. Schweizer 
John H. Sproles 
Jay Stoeckel 
George Vranian 
Harold E. Wolfe 
Guy L. Alphin 
Joseph H. Conduff 
Thomas J. Fitzgerald 
R. L. Holle 
William J. Longan 
Henry Nakdimen 
Bernard H. Spivak 
Isaac F. Stone 
Earle W. Strickland 
Stanley A. Greenbaum 


Sydenham B. Alexander 
William B. Bishop 
Robert F. Bondurant 
Gerald G. Ediss 
Rufus P. Ellett, Jr. 
Walter A. Eskridge 
James A. Farley 
Cecil Glen Finney 
Claude A. Frazier 
E. C. Garber, Jr. 
A. Lawson Hardie, Jr. 
Gordon F. Harrell 
Charles D. Houck 
Thomas C. Iden 
Margueritte E. Kersey 
William W. Kersey 
Herman M. Kunkle 
J. W. Lambdin 
S. W. Lippincott 
Martin Markowitz 
Edward N. Maxwell 
Ray A. Moore, Jr. 
W. Donald Moore 
William P. Morrissette 
Marcus Nakdimen 
Roy T. Parker 
Nelson S. Payne 
Abraham Perlman 
E. Walter Rice, Jr. 
Marion L. Rice, Jr. 
Jenaro G. Scarano 
Oscar O. Smith, Jr. 
Gervas S. Taylor 
James Tidier 
Richard D. Turin 
John B. Walker, Jr. 
Charles B. Wilkerson, Jr. 

William Ackerman 
Herbert H. Bonnie 
James E. Furr, Jr. 
Boyd Clark Getty 
Ira Gould 

Howard C. Mirmelstein 
Frank H. Walker 

Benjamin J. Montgomery, Ji 

Dorothy B. Berk 
Gloria M. Diggs 
Joan Eanes 
Katherine D. Edwards 
Sarah D. Faber 
Edna R. Oppenheim 
Frances H. Palmer 
Cherlene P. Park 
Mary R. Vose 
Virginia G. Wessells 

Elizabeth F. Reed 


Edward H. Alderman 
C. Cooper Bell, Jr. 
Reese Richard Boone, Jr. 
Raymond S. Brown 
William M. Bruch 
Walter E. Bundy, Jr. 
G. E. Cox 
James L. Dellinger 
Belle DeCormis Fears 
Willard M. Fitch 
Lois F. Fryer 
Paul S. Gotses 
Donald L. Greever 
Owen Gwathmey 
Charles H. Hagan, Jr. 
G. D. Hayden 
Larry Allison High 
William H. Huffstetler, Jr. 
Clara I. Jones 
George R. Jones 
Alfred Joseph 
Edwin J. Kamons 
Frederick V. Lilly 
Mann T. Lowry 
John M. Lukeman 
Franklin W. Mallamo 
John J. Marra 
Madge D. May 
A. A. McLean 
Herman M. Nachman 
John H. Nicholson 
Albert J. Paine 
William G. Painter, Jr. 
M. W. Phillips 
Robert R. Rector 
Paul W. Robinett 
Harvey R. St. Clair 
Roy B. Sampson, Jr. 
Robert H. Sease 
William H. Shaia 
Thomas E. Smith 
Ramon M. Suarez, Jr. 
Archie C. Thompson 
George F. West 
Forrest P. White 
Earl E. Wilkinson 
Fred E. Wise, Jr. 
David E. Yoho 
George A. Zirkle, Jr. 

William T. Gladden, Jr. 
Herbert W. Gooding 
James A. Harrell 
Edgar F. Jessee 
Fred C. Jones 
Herbert W. Kaplan 
Lloyd C. March, Jr. 
Roy A. Miller, Jr. 
Morton A. Paret 
Edward D. Risdon 
Martin Sheintoch 
Steven L. Sigillo 
Marvin E. Walker 
Joseph H. Way, III 
Eleanor L. Boothe 
Louise F. Simpson 
Joyce R. Winston 

Mary Sue Adams 
Ruth R. Brewer 
Eleanor S. Carson 
Retta Stull Greever 
Helen V. Moosey 



Richard N. Baylor 
R. E. Berman 
Charles H. Brant 
James W. Brooks 
M. G. Burdette 
Rowland H. Burns 
E. K. Carter 
William E. Copenhaver 
Rafael Cuevas-Zamora 
S. B. Dillard 
Austin I. Dodson, Jr. 
Albert H. Dudley, Jr. 
David M. Dumville 
Edward M. Eppes, III 
John R. Fitzgerald 
Ivan G. Freed 
Jack Freund 
John A. Gill 
♦George W. Hurt 
Randolph M. Jackson 
James W. Johnston 
C. Sidney King 
Charles E. Llewellyn 
Charles W. Massey 
J. D. Mathias 
W. R. McCune 
A. B. H. Mirmelstein 
Horace E. Perkins 
Richard C. Reed 
Edward H. Scherr 
Jack J. Schwartz 
Stuart M. Sessoms 
Robert L. Sommerville 
Raymond E. Stone 
Isabel Taliaferro 
George F. Thiers 
Clayton L. Thomas 
Franklin C. Turner 
C. Newton Van Horn 
C. E. Ward 
Richard K. Williams 
William C. Winter, Jr. 
Paul T. Baker 
Charles E. Bodell, Jr. 
Dennis P. Claypool 
Samuel J. Gitow 
Gladstone M. Hill 
Nelson D. Large 
John J. Richardson 

L. Ray Shields 
Blair P. Goff 
Charles F. Morgan 

Nell W. Greever 
Nancy M. Knight 
Medical Technology 
Frances B. Holsinger 
Kathleen O. Stump 
Physical Therapy 
Ruth Moeller 
Hilda M. Traina 


Franklin L. Angell 
John S. Blagg 
Clem F. Burnett 
John A. Byrd 
Noland M. Canter, Jr. 
Arthur Allen Carr 
C. Whitney Caulkins, Jr. 
Thomas S. Cheek 
H. Chesley Decker 
Richard H. Fisher 
Milton D. Friedenberg 
David J. Greenberg 
James P. Harnsberger 
Seymour Harris 
Douglass O. Hill 
J. Edward Hill 
Jerome Imburg 
Shelby E. Jarrell 
George R. Krupp 
Stuart H. Light 
Robert Q. Marston 
M. Bruce Martin 
B. J. McClanahan 
Joseph W. Milam 
Philip L. Minor 
Walter S. Newman, Jr. 
George J. Oliver, Jr. 
Lloyd L. Olsen 
Robert E. Paine, Jr. 
Francis R. Payne, Jr. 
Forrest W. Pitts 
William W. Quisenberry 
Ralph S. Riffenburgh 
Jay E. Rogers, Jr. 
Joseph A. Solomon 
Roy S. Temeles 
James A. Thompson 

C. Carl Tully 
Fred Walls, Jr. 
Harold E. Wilkins 
L. Mildred Williams 
Charles M. Zacharias 

John R. Corson, Jr. 
Arthur L. Conner, Jr. 
Fred B. Cornett 
Charles R. Crews 
Willie D. Crockett 
W. H. Gray, Jr. 
Ralph B. Holmes 
Walter M. Ormes, Jr. 
John N. Pastore 
Joseph R. Suggs 
Rebecca Allara 
Jean C. Bodell 
Anne G. Durkin 
Mary M. Johnson 
Adolph C. Lueckert 
Edith M. Moses 
Bertha C. Rolfe 
Russell E. Simpson, Jr. 
James E. Smith 

Anna M. Anderson 
Jennie K. Caulkins 
Myrtle K. Harris 
Lucie K. Latimer 
Veda C. Liskey 
Patricia W. Surface 
Nancy B. Taylor 
Ardenia L. Tully 
Zula N. Woody 
Physical Therapy 
Margaret M. Watlington 
X-Ray Technology 
Quetita Miro 


Avis Branch Adams 
James B. Adams 
Wilbur F. Amonette 
Dan N. Anderson 
Guy J. Barrow 
Robert W. Bedinger 
Doris A. Berlin 
E. Lowell Berry 
Arthur K. Black 
Henry A. Bullock, Jr. 

Ernest T. Cobb 
Vernon L. Cofer, Jr. 
Lee Roy Conn 
Crowell T. Daniel, Jr. 
Conley L. Edwards, Jr. 
Ray A. Edwards, Jr. 
George F. Elsasser 
John R. Freeman 
Paul E. Gordon 
William H. Grey 
Thomas B. Hardman 
Leonard P. Hudnall 
W. Robert Irby 
Robert W. Irvin, Jr. 
Charles D. Jordan 
S. Ben Judy 
John J. Kelly, III 
Carl H. Laestar 
Nancy P. Law 
William M. Law 
Ewing W. McPherson 
Arthur G. Meakin 
Michael Judson Moore 
C. W. Moorefield 
Robert W. Moseley 
Thomas H. Moseley 
David Mullins 
William A. Niermann 
Samuel P. Oast, III 
William H. Pate 
Robert E. Richard 
Lucien W. Roberts, Jr. 
William L. Roberson 
Henry P. Royster 
Thomas A. Saunders 
Elizabeth C. Strawinsky 
John L. Whaley 
Ann Hardy Williams 
Charles Lee Williams 
Robert K. Williams 
Robert C. Wingfield 
Ernest S. Benson 
H. R. Boyd, Jr. 
E. Todd Clark 
Robert M. Comstock 
M. O. Dailey 
William H. Fitzgerald 
Charles W. Horton 
W. Harrell Johnson 
Sanford L. Lefcoe 
James R. Turnage 

C. A. Moses 

Laura S. Birdsong 
Barbara H. Brock 
Louana S. Byrd 
Cornelia G. Fields 
Grace C. Gordon 
Elizabeth F. Harlin 
Verlinda L. Martin 
Faye Hensley Starr 
Physical Therapy 
Laura M. Burkholder 
Marguerite C. Rukse 

Leo Blank 
Eleanor E. Bundy 
Wiley H. Cozart 
F. J. Dillard 
Merritt W. Foster, Jr. 
Frank A. Gonzalez 
Fleta Gregory 
William Hancock 
Ralph E. Haynes 
Robert E. Holzgrafe 
Herbert C. Hoover 
George T. Hoylman 
Beverly Jones 
Harold O. Kamons 
Virginia T. Lademdorf 
Ulric J. Laquer 
Suzanne B. Little 
Philip London 
Joseph H. Masters 
Robert E. McClellan 
Robert T. Melgaard 
William B. Moncure 
John H. Moon 
Harry Nenni 
Heth Owen, Jr. 
David S. Palmstrom 
Donal S. Parker 
John P. Ray, Jr. 
Irving E. Shafer, Jr. 
Dillard M. Sholes, Jr. 
Stanley S. Simon 
Ralph J. Stalter 
Robert G. Stineman 
Charles G. Thompson 
John L. Thornton, III 
C. Vincent Townsend 


212 West Franklin Street 
Richmond, Virginia 

A private hospital for diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric and neurolog- 
ical disorders. Hospital and out-patient services. 

James Asa Shield, M.D. 
George S. Fultz, Jr., M.D. 
Catherine T. Ray, M.D. 

Weir M. Tucker, M.D. 

Edward W. Gamble, III, M.D. 

Gerald W. Atkinson, M.D. 



Robert S. Turner, Jr. 

W. T. Walker 

W. Warren Walthall, Jr. 

William O. Winston 


George H. Barnett 

William H. Becker 

Ralph L, Crabill 

Henry B. Field 

Eddie Perry 

Marvin Pleasants 

Charles H. Sugg 

J. Frank Thomason 


Robert A. Garland 

Frank G. Johnson 

Charles F. Kingery 

John E. Marks 

Montague C. Marshall, Jr 

Richard E. Marshall 

Thomas F. Marshall, Jr. 

A. B. Motley, Jr. 

George J. Savage, Jr. 

Fred Collidge Smith 

Forrest B. Voight, Jr. 

Wallace F. Whitmore 


Pauline J. Sherrill 

Elizabeth L. Sibley 

Regina B. Spitler 

Physical Therapy 

Esperanza A. Day 

Felicia M. Gacek 

Elaine O. Rosevear 


Robert A. Abernathy, Jr. 
W. B. Adams 
Earl D. Allara 
Nicholas I. Ardan, II 
Thomas W. Ayres, Jr. 
William M. Bangel 
William W. Beckner, Jr. 
Wyndham B. Blanton, Jr. 
Russell V. Bowers 
George M. Bullard 
Robert T. Cauthorne 
Kenneth L. Clark 
Thornton R. Cleek 
M. Cade Covington 
Evelyn P. Daniel 
Griffith B. Daniel 
Alberto M. Dominquez 
Hugh P. Fisher, Jr. 
Hugh Fitzpatrick, III 
Charles Garrett, Jr. 
John T. Glick, Jr. 
Florine Hampton 
Thomas B. Hedrick 
R. E. Herring, Jr. 
James R. Holsinger 
Eileen T. Jennings 
James Laster 
Harvey A. Martin 
Margaret L. Masters 
E. E. Mihalyka 
Donald S. Myers 
Mathew E. O'Keefe, Jr. 
John W. Painter 
Andrew J. Pasquale 
Paxton P. Powers 
Ellen J. Preston 
Luke R. Rader 
George G. Ritchie, Jr. 
Irma Rivera-Scorpino 
Thomas C. Royer 
Ralph M. Scott 
John B. Rose, Jr. 
Lee W. Shaffer, jr. 
Leo F. Sherman 


Robert D. Shreve 
Donald G. Siegel 
Eustace H. Smith 
John E. Smith 
Joseph A. Smith 
Lawrence O. Snead, Jr. 
Archie C. Stanton, Jr. 
Thomas W. Tusing 
Allan M. Unger 
William P. Wagner 
Leroy Webb 
Jay N. Wemple 

James Ervin Cannon, Jr. 
John S. Dilday 
E. S. H. Greene, Jr. 
Lewis D. Johnston 
Max D. Largent 
Virgil H. Marshall 
Lawrence G. Mathews 
Vernon S. Nicholson 
Woodrow W. Poss 
William H. Price 
Claude D. Richardson, Jr 
Conway W. Smith, Jr. 
Walker P. Sydnor 
Harding L. Thomas 
Earl W. Ward 
J. Guy Weddle, Jr. 
Hugh O. Wrenn 
Walter P. Bailey 
Thomas C. Bishop 
Thomas E. Bruce, Jr. 
William E. Hemby 
Edward E. Hughes, Jr. 
Robert G. Layman 
John J. Minahan, Jr. 
Hugh A. Morse, Jr. 
Edwin A. Myrick 
Roger A. Smith 
Glade G. Souder 
Ernest C. Spitler, Jr. 
Eugene V. White 
Hiram H. Whitehead 

Dorothy S. Burrows 
Doris A. Ditus 
Jeannette W. Howard 
Medical Technology 
Diane G. Winston 
Physical Therapy 
D. Rose Funk 
Alma F. Martin 
Imogene L. Poland 
John F. O'Toole 
Graduate Studies 
Joseph F. Kell, Jr. 
Emily E. Mueller 
X-Ray Technology 
Pamela M. Carter 


Carlos S. Berrocol 
William J. Berry 
Ralph H. Boone 
Joseph H. Britton 
Oscar B. Darden, Jr. 
Donald F. Fletcher, Jr. 
Calvin H. Frazier 
John D. French 
R. Finley Gayle, III 
William C. Grigsby 
Frederick A. Gunion 
Lewis B. Hasty 
Norman N. Hill 
William J. Hotchkiss 
Thomas H. Jennings 
Ernest J. Keffer, Jr. 
Louis H. Keffer 

Edward A. Lewis 

Eugene B. Linton 

H. Reece Little, Jr. 

Virginus A. Marks 

Arthur J. Martin 

Joseph E. Mathias 

Thomas D. McCahill 

Francis H. McMullan 

Harold W. Miller, Jr. 

Brooke M. Moffett 

Pamela R. Moore 

W. E. Newby 

Robert M. Phillips 

A. L. Portela 

C. J. Roncaglione 

Bernard M. Savage 

Norman R. Tingle 

Jesse M. Tucker 

Albert J. Wasserman 

Julian Weinstein 

Yale H. Zimberg 


Thomas W. Armstrong, Jr 

R. H. Bruni, Jr. 

Calvin B. Corey, Jr. 

William M. Ditto 

Ira P. Efird 

Eugene Eskey, Jr. 

Charles L. Eubank 

James D. Faber 

Carlton E. Gregory 

David H. Marshall 

William G. Martin 

Kemper McCloud, Jr. 

Herman M. Midkiff 

Howard B. Watkins 


Henry W. Addington, Jr. 

Charles J. Ashby 

Carl E. Bain 

Otha C. Bayne, Jr. 

Charles S. Boyette 

Harry W. Brown, Jr. 

Henry W. Chappell 

James M. Christian 

Ralph W. Deaton 

Mills H. Doyle 

T. H. Holland 

George James Janosik 

Wallace S. Klein, Jr. 

Harry P. Lewey 

Elbert B. Lipps, Jr. 

Gordon F. Martens 

C. S. Mason 

Calvin M. Massie 

Benjamin W. Powell 

Charles A. Wornom 


Erma G. Boninsegna 

Jennifer G. Hardee 

Joanna T. Kluck 

Mae Belle Lee 

Anne Watson Muller 

Mary W. Rebman 

Margaret L. Ruck 

Loretta W. Sisson 

Hospital Administration 

Nathan Bushnell, III 

James E. Case 

John C. Hess 

C. D. Jenkins 

Barrington Kinnard 

Joseph S. Stubbs 

Physical Therapy 

Marion D. Bates 


Richard T. Amest, Jr. 
Henry Vaughan Belcher 

Roland S. Birckhead 

E. W. Bosworth, II 
David W. Branch 
John E. Bryant 
Carey J. Butler 

John F. Butterworth, III 
Jean P. Cavender 
Jerrill D. Cavender 
Gene Clapsaddle 
Stanley N. Cohen 
Thomas J. Conaty 
Kenneth D. Crippen 
John S. Darden 
Powell G. Fox, Jr. 
Jerome S. Gross 
Frank A. Hamilton, Jr. 
Kenneth M. Heatwole 
William E. Holladay, Jr. 
Harry H. Howren 
George H. Hull 
Juan F. Jimenez-Mercado 
Emily E. Jones 
James B. Kegley, Jr. 
Earle J. Kerpleman 
Paul R. Kleykamp 
Jack A. Lawson 
Ellis F. Maxey 
Howard Maxwell 
W. B. McCutcheon, Jr. 
Bernard H. Miller 
John A. Murray 
Shirley C. Olsson 
Thomas P. Overton 
Bernard L. Patterson 
John S. Prince 

F. A. Reda, Jr. 
Richard O. Rogers, Jr. 
Thomas W. Sale, Jr. 
William A. Shelton 
Richard C. Snow 
Peter W. Squire 
George F. Tucker 
David Tyler 
George A. Weimer 
Louis R. Wilkerson 
Frank Q. Wingfield, Jr. 
P. Clayton Yerby, III 

C. L. Baltimore 

F. Allen Cavedo, Jr. 
A. D. Chambliss 
Jack W. Chevalier 
Bruce H. Donald, Jr. 
Charles F. Fletcher 
John H. Goode, Jr. 
Kenneth S. Gusler 
S. Guy Hall 

Robert L. Hopkins, Jr. 
Wiley S. Mayo 
Jacob A. Pearce 
James E. Rayhorn 

G. S. Tate, Jr. 
John Atkinson 
E. M. Ballance 
Kenneth E. Conner 
William E. Crickenberger 
Millson S. French 

John Giragosian 
Seldon S. Herbert 
Russell A. Krantz 
Nick G. Nicholas 
Charles T. Rector 
M. Blair Robertson 
Thomas W. Rorrer, Jr. 
Gerald M. Rosenberg 
Sylvester R. Sink, Jr. 
George E. Surber 

Emily H. Baxter 
Rosalie J. Campbell 
Dot F. Garber 
Mary T. Hamilton 
Alice R. Hamlett 
Frances W. Lollar 
Mae W. Shehee 
Mary W. Stanford 
Hospital Administration 
William M. Bucher 
Hunter A. Grumbles 
John F. Harlan, Jr. 
William R. Reid 
Physical Therapy 
Albert J. Berberian 
Richard B. Kemp 
Ruth M. Latimer 
Yvette E. Nelson 
Anne M. Nottingham 
Dudley E. Prince 


Simeon H. Adams 
Robert F. Barbe 
Dudley E. Brown, Jr. 
Herman W. Brubaker 
Baxter H. Byerly 
Alvin E. Conner 
Catherine E. Craun 
Donald E. Cunningham 
Catherine Duckgeischel 
Cecil F. Evans, Jr. 
William P. Fletcher 
Allan L. Forbes 
Joseph E. Gardner 
William N. Gee, Jr. 
Frederick T. Given, Jr. 
Ota T. Graham, Jr. 
Julius Griffin 
Warren Hagood 
Charles P. Harwood 
Ernest C. Hermann 
F. V. Hodges 
Raymond C. Hooker, Jr. 
Farrar W. Howard 
Robert O. HudgenS 
R. Jack Irons 
Harry I. Johnson, Jr. 
V. Eric Kemp, Jr. 
M. G. Martin 
Robert M. McDonald 
Harvie E. Melton 
Samuel S. Morrison 
George Naymick 
Mary B. Pryor 
Jean F. Ragsdale 
John Rebman, III 
Arthur McK. Reynolds, Jr. 
Charles W. Richardson 
Max S. Rittenbury 
Frank E. Rowell 
Julie M. Sanford 
Arthur Sanders 
Richard H. Smith, Jr. 
Henry S. Spencer 
Walter J. Stanford 
Thomas P. Stratford 
Paul A. Tanner, Jr. 
Terry F. Tanner 
William B. Tarry, Jr. 
Charles J. Townsend 
Robert E. Ware 
John William Watson 
William G. Way 
James H. Wiley 
Donald S. Brown 
Richard T. Bruce, Jr. 
Oliver L. Burkett, Jr. 
William C. Day 


Edwin F. Irish 
Jack W. Julian 
Burrell E. Kanoy 
William A. McClellan 
Henry D. McCoy 
Frederick C. Shaw 
William J. Sweeney 
Terry D. Brown 
Robert E. Christopher, Jr 
Robert W. Clyburn 
Malcolm D. Dunkley 
Austin W. Farley 
Maynard C. Holbrook, Sr 
Maynard D. Lundy 
Newton J. Peters 
Guy B. Rice, Jr. 
Shelby B. Sturgill 
Harry E. Thompson 

Nancy H. Brame 
Patricia W. Foster 
Mildred A. Hopkins 
Ruth D. Maschauer 
Hilda R. Taylor 
Shirley B. Warinner 
Hospital Administration 
Robert A. Cramer 
Thomas J. Curtis 
Thomas W. Leggett 
William J. Zoltowicz 
Medical Technology 
Jane T. Hobby 
Physical Therapy 
Millard L. Berman 
Philip N. Pulizzi 
Joseph A. Taylor 

E. A. Barham 

Donald L. Baxter 
B. I. Bell, Jr. 
Robert R. Bender 
D. Robert Bennett 
Irwin M. Bogarad 
Charles D. Burch, III 
Paul M. Burd 
Hall G. Canter 
Waverly M. Cole 
Lawrence S. Cowling 
William T. Dabney, III 
James H. Dwyer 
J. Tom Edmonds 
Douglas W. Ey 
Harold W. Felton 
Sarah E. Forbes 
Rudolph C. Garber, Jr. 
L. Lynton Goulder, Jr. 
William B. Hall, Jr. 
William H. Harriman, Jr. 
Henry T. Harrison, Jr. 
Manuel O. Jaffe 
Robert C. Kluge 
Charles T. Lively 
Thomas P. Long 
John B. Markey 
Randolph McCutcheon, Jr. 
James V. McKenzie 
Donald H. McNeill, Jr. 
G. Stanley Mitchell, Jr. 
Richard M. Newton 
Alton L. Powell, III 
James D. Price 
William E. Reish 
Laurie E. Rennie 
Robert D. Richards 
Philip A. Rosenfeld 
Paul H. Schellenberg 
Edward H. Sharp 
David D. Smith 

Samuel A. Tisdale, Jr. 

Joseph A. Vance, III 

Archibald C. Wagner 

Frances S. A. Williams 

Ohlen R. Wilson 

Alan V. Yoho 

Emma Jane Yoho 

Ellis N. Zuckerman 

Gerald T. Zwiren 


Clarence H. Collins 

Byard S. Deputy 

Donal A. Funkhouser 

Nicos G. Georgiades 

Henderson P. Graham 

G. E. Gurganus 

M. C. Harrell 

John T. Jobe, III 

Ralph O. Kennedy 

Harry L. Mears, Jr. 

J. Fuller Robinson 

Perry N. Trakas 

C. B. Williams 

Peter S. Yeatras 


Graham F. Hendley 

Samuel H. Kalman 

Everett F. Kohne 

H. Malcolm Robbins 

Eric A. Windmuller 


Anne R. Andrews 

Elizabeth A. Boyer 

Hospital Administration 

Gerald W. DeHaven 

Paul F. Flanagan 

Joseph H. James, Jr. 

Jesse W. Reel 


Donna M. Miller 

Theodore Adler 
Harry W. Bachman, Jr. 
John A. Board 
William E. Boyd 
James P. Charlton 
Reginald R. Cooper 
Byron P. Crow 
Walter H. Davidson 
Nelson M. Fox, Jr. 
Jack S. Garrison 
Paul B. Givens, Jr. 
E. B. Hardee, Jr. 
William R. Harlan, Jr. 
Donald R. Holsinger 
Robert H. Hux 
Robert Iden 
Harry L. Kraus 
Alden Mayer 
Hunter H. McGuire, Jr. 
Fitzhugh Mayo 
Paul Middleton 
Perry F. Mullinax, Jr. 
John T. Myles 
W. T. Norris, Jr. 
Stuart C. Nottingham 
Edward C. Paarfus, Jr. 
Nicholas G. Poulos 
Douglas O. Powell 
Robert G. Proctor 
James T. Robinson 
William S. Sadler 
Frank M. Sasser, Jr. 
Howard A. Silverman 
William P. Sinclair 
Andrew S. Tegeris 
Marian C. Waddel 
George H. Warren, Jr. 
Arlie H. Westfall 

Claiborne G. Whitworth 

Milton Wigod 

R. Lewis Wright 


Lewis G. Coffey 

George B. Crist 

J. Crockett Henry, Jr. 

Eugene L. Kanter 

Roy H. Jones 

Emanuel W. Michaels 

F. D. Morse, Jr. 

Don P. Whited 


Sidney Aron 

Robert L. Beamer 

Thomas B. Boyette 

Richard T. Brown 

Harvey B. Morgan 

Luke M. Stephens 


Billie O. Coeburn 

Ann F. Coffey 

Reva G. Dyer 

Ann G. Joyce 

Eleanor P. Myles 

Eleanor R. Roller 

Hospital Administration 

John L. Freeland 

Kenneth L. Gallier 

Charles L. Hite 

Charles T. Wood 

Medical Technology 

Peggy E. Mamo 


Charles C. Ashby 
Thomas H. Bain 
Charles R. Blake 
Gilbert P. Blankinship 
Robert R. Bowen 



MCV West 

MCV South 

MCV East 

MCV North 

{Operated jointly with the State Health Department) 

A. D. Williams Memorial Clinic 

(Outpatient Department) 

To preserve and restore health To seek the cause and cure of disease 

To educate those who would serve humanity 



William B. Brown 
William H. Canada 
Tony Constant 
William A. Deardorff 
Frank E. Dunlap 
Raymond D. Dyer, Jr. 
Freeman Epes 
Andrew M. Fekete 
Hugh E. Fraser, Jr. 
Clarence K. Glover, Jr. 
John Russell Good 
P. G. Gregoriou 
R. Page Hudson, Jr. 
William C. Kappes, Jr. 
John J. Krueger 
Boyd H. May, Jr. 
William O. McCade, Jr. 
Charles H. Moseley, Jr. 
Fitzhugh X. Mullins 
John B. Parker 
Sterling N. Ransone 
Louis J. Read 
Gary L. Ripley 
Gerald W. Roller 
James C. Sams 
James R. Sease 
Rosemary F. Schellenberg 
Kenneth B. Sizer 
Robert S. Smith 
Paulus C. Taylor 
James E. Temple 
W. A. Thurman, Jr. 
Raymond D. Wallace, Jr. 
Harriet E. Wood 
Walter M. Zirkle, Jr 

Charles B. Barnett 
Arthur K. Brown 
Richard D. Collier 
Patrick B. Colvard 
W. W. Crittenden, Jr. 
Charles P. Fletcher 
C. D. King 
J. B. Lapentina 
Paul M. March 
W. L. Pratt 
L. B. Sheppard 
N. Shreve Spitler 
E. Alton Thomas 
James E. Williams 

Henry C. Brown, Jr. 
Edwin L. Burnette 
Richard L. Collins 
Gilbert P. Grossman 
James F. Hart 
R. C. McConnell, Jr. 
Barbara Morgan 
Max Reinhardt 

Katherine Bobbitt 
Phyllis Freund 
Emily M. Johnston 
Betty Jean T. Queries 
Frances N. Rutter 
Hospital Administration 
John C. Blakenbeckler 
Carl S. Napps 
Joseph E. Peery, Jr. 
Earl W. Willis 
Medical Technology 
Phyllis M. Darden 
Ann G. Keller 
Physical Therapy 
Herman L. West 
Graduate Studies 
Sidney Kaye 

Jack P. Andrews 


Bruce A. Baber 
R. J. Bailey 
Charles L. Baird, Jr. 
H. R. Bates, Jr. 
John M. Bishop, Jr. 
Wilbur J. Blechman 
William T. Booher, Jr. 
Ruth W. Campbell 
Elizabeth R. Carmichael 
Jack R. Flanary 
Marvin H. Goldstein 
Walter F. Green, III 
L. Clark Hansbarger 
William H. Hark 

D. Ewell Hendricks 
Gilbert L. Hendricks 
Edwin J. Humphrey, III 
Charles W. Kinzer 
Marshall Klavan 
James L. Lynde 
Michael P. Mesaros 
Ronald E. Miller 
Benjamin E. Norfleet 
Courtney P. Persinger 
Harry C. Press 

John M. Queries 
Edgar H. Rossheim 
Thomas J. Schermerhorn 
Teresa Silverman 
Ralph C. Slusher 
Alvin J. Southworth 
William R. Thornhill 
Archer K. Tullidge 
Charles J. Wells 
George F. Winks, Jr. 
Percy Wootton 
Reuben B. Young, Jr. 
J. M. Adair 

E. K. Adams 
Dick S. Ajalat 
Edward H. Allen 
William H. Allison 
Fred G. Alouf, Jr. 
Calvin L. Belkov 
William S. Cabell 
Fred C. Homer, Jr. 
Robert M. Hoffmann 
Vernon C. Howerton 
Hubert E. Kiser, Jr. 
Melvin M. Koogler 
Nick J. Manos 
Robert S. Markley 
Melvin R. Morrison 

J. Thomas Nicholoson 
William C. Williams 
Robert C. Woods 
John L. Butler 
John D. Cowley, Jr. 
Robert L. Gell 
Richard M. Geoghegan 
Frank Grossman 
Guylene W. Haynes 
Walter R. Jones 
Robert W. Rorrer 
Conway Stanley 
Robert S. Stiff 
George H. Wood, Jr. 
Richard A. Woodfin, Jr. 

Carol B. Cantrell 
Page G. Deardorff 
Ramona S. Friend 
Barbara L. Hendricks 
Phyllis H. Jenkins 
Gail P. Welsted 
Hospital Administration 
Frank J. Dawson 
C. Robert Perry 

Ernest T. Sheen 
David G. Williamson, Jr. 
Medical Technology 
Mary Ann Harshbarger 
Sara Cullers Spinks 

Donald R. Bailey 
James P. Baker 
James M. Barnes 
Louisa S. Batman 
W. Kenneth Blaylock 
Jane T. Carswell 
Robert E. Collins 
James R. Darden, Jr. 
Thomas E. Donnelly 
Albert A. Fratrick 
B. W. Freund, Jr. 
Roland G. Garrett, Jr. 
Gerald A. Gildersleeve 
K. Arnold Gill, Jr. 
Claude K. Hylton 
Charles Leon Jennings, Jr. 
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J. C. Pickett 
Philip Rubin 
Robert B. Scott 
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R. Dean Tester 
Rufus O. Van Dyke, Jr. 
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Cary H. Tanner 

Beauty D. Crummette 
Cynia Katsorelos 

B. Winifred Latham 
Ann B. Murray 
Shirley H. O'Dell 
Hospital Administration 
Carroll E. Clary 
Elwyn L. Derring 
Lester L. Lamb 

John D. Phillips 
Robert R. Shields 

Kenneth L. Waddell 
John D. Worley, Jr. 
Medical Technology 
Ann Marie C. Brotzman 
Physical Therapy 
Peggy G. Dvorak 

John M. Appling 
Jan de Bakker 
Thomas M. Beamon 
William L. Bekenstein 
John R. Blackmore 
Anne W. Board 
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Robert B. Poland 
Daniel E. Wilkins 

Martha C. Bragg 
Leah C. Hundley 
Frances W. Kay 
Mary J. Snedegar 
Ann Sullivan 
Catherine R. Utz 
Hospital Administration 
Edward D. Bennett 
Warren R. Betts 
Howard Colon 
Garland E. Evers 
William D. Gibson 
John R. McKinney 
Frank O. Salt 
Lawrence R. Snead, Jr. 
John H. Tobin, Jr. 
Samuel T. Waddell, Jr. 
Physical Therapy 
Anna Lou C. Goldblatt 
Patricia O. Morelock 
Gail F. Neal 

Carl L. Anderson 
O. Christian Bredrup, Jr. 
Herbert M. Brewer 
Arthur W. Burke, Jr. 
J. D. Christian, Jr. 
John P. Clarke 
Richard J. Cleveland 
Arthur B. Farfel 
James L. Ghaphery 
Robert L. Gilliland 
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Ronald M. Cantor 
B. Barham Dodson 
John R. Eshleman 
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Robert E. Fox 
James B. Graham 
Richard K. Green 
B. Keigh Haley, Jr. 
Robert F. Harman 
Ronald L. Haynes 
E. Raymond Hudson, Jr. 
John F. Hunt, III 
Robert R. Keen 
Michael F. Kivlighan 
John H. Knight 
Peter J. Kostel 
Bruce I. Longman 
Thomas G. Luckam 





Each Tablet or 5 cc Elixir contains 16 nig. 
(% gr.) phenobarbital (Warning: May be 
habit forming), 0.0072 mg. hyoscine HBr., 
0.024 mg. atropine sulfate, and 0.128 mg. hy- 
oscyamine HBr. Belbarb No. 2, same as Belbarb, 
except with 32 mg. (% gr.) phenobarbital. 
(Warning: May be habit forming.) . 

Belbarb calms both the agitated mind 
and visceral spasm by its combined sed- 
ative/antispasmodic action. Many physi- 
cians prescribe Belbarb in stress induced 
anxiety reactions, nervous tension states, 
visceral spasm, peptic ulcer, irritable 
bowel syndrome, urinary tract spasm, 
and hypertension. 

DOSE: One Tablet or one tsp. 
Elixir 3 or 4 times daily, as 
required. Children y± to one 
tsp. 2 to 4 times daily, or as 

PRECAUTIONS: Do not use in pa- 
tients with glaucoma or in 
males with prostatic hyper- 







R. Gordon McCracken 

French H. Moore, Jr. 

Douglas B. Nuckles 

Frank R. Richardson 

Ronald A. Shelin 

James H. Smith 

William E. Tuggle 

Jerome H. Weinstein 

William F. Wine 


William A. Armentrout 

Warren E. Harrell 

Charles N. Lukhard, Jr. 

William L. Mantlo 

R. Harry Mewborn, Jr. 

Chapman J. Rodenhizer, Jr 

Helen B. Savedge 

David L. Scott 

Robert P. Staley 

Robert W. Thomas, Jr. 

William N. Thompson, Jr. 

John P. Weaver 

Evelyn D. Wiliford 

Robert E. Willey, Jr. 

Mae W. Wong 


Jane V. Adair 

Betsy A. Bampton 

Patricia Ann K. Bloxom 

Mary Jo D. Butler 

Doris B. Detwiler 

Beate J. Friedrich 

Eleanor H. Garrett 

Patricia T. Johnson 

Sallie H. Plunkett 

Cecilia C. Sakakini 

Barbara B. Schroll 

Anne B. Sydnor 

Peggy P. Tanner 

Shirley Jean Thompson 

Hospital Administration 

Joseph B. Ahlschier 

William R. Draper 

Lawrence G. Flannagan, Jr 
Jack R. Hodge 

Lisle T. Lenny 

George A. Mathews 
William M. Selvey, Jr. 
James I. Sublett 
Thomas G. Whedbee 
Medical Technology 
Anne M. Rawls 
Physical Therapy 
Elliott Weinberg 

J 961 

Richard H. Armstrong 
Wyatt S. Beazley, III 
Charles W. Brandt 
David Brandt 
Harold W. Burnette 
William L. Curry 
Russell L. Davis 
Wallace L. Dawson 
Harold L. Goldberg 
Walter L. Grubb, Jr. 
Erwin H. Harlfinger 
Rufus O. Howard 
Benjamin N. Jones 
Victor E. Mazzocco 
Robert T. Mosby, Jr. 
Roger W. Perry, Jr. 
Ramon N. Redford, Jr. 
J. Luther Sampson, Jr. 
Rufus H. Warren 
Robert A. Whisnant, Jr. 
Hong Y. Woo 
Anthony A. Yurko, Jr. 
Richard K. Ames 


Thomas E. Burke 
Basil J. Friend 
David W. Holley 
David G. Johnson 
William P. Lea, Jr. 
Richard C. Mariani 
Joseph H. Morgan 
Mark N. Perlin 
Patrick T. Quisenberry 
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John H. Hostetler 
Joseph E. Layman, Jr. 
Connie H. Neef 
William T. Patrick, Jr. 
Kay P. Showalter 
Thomas F. Womble, III 
F. Tyler Yates 



Kitty Sue Boddie 
Mable C. ClufF 
Linda G. Lakin 
Margaret B. McDonald 
Judith E. McLemore 
Phyllis C. Patrick 
Sue G. Roberts 
Mary G. Shand 
Hospital Administration 
Kenneth H. Axtell 
William K. Brown 
Alfred L. Burkholder 
Curtis A. Clayton 
William H. Green, Jr. 
G. Bruce McFadden 
Nelson L. St. Clair, Jr. 
Barry M. Spero 
Walter White 
Medical Technology 
Mary Lee Britt 
Samantha Beirne Shaffer 
Physical Therapy 
Barbara G. Miller 

Robert W. Allen 
Owen W. Brodie 
Tom E. Carter 
Robert R. Chaplin, Jr. 
Robert A. Dameron, Jr. 
Howard A. Hall 
Austin B. Harrelson 
Eloise Haun 
Bobby G. Holden 
Clarence A. Holland 
Harold M. Horden 
Charles E. Johnston 
George S. Julias 
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Neil D. Kravetz 
Eugene M. McDaniel 
Peter T. Montgomery 
Joseph C. Parker, Jr. 
James E. Poteet 
Irwin Rappaport 
Richard C. Rashid 
Matthew G. Rivkin 
Jack L. Shelburg 
James L. Steele 
Charles A. Stringfellow 
James L. Towe 
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Andrew J. Werner 
Margaret J. Willhide 
Donald R. Williams 
Edward A. Zakaib 

A. Tracey Aitcheson 
J. Wilson Ames, Jr. 

J. Thomas Atkinson 
Jack H. Brenner 
William D. Covington 
William S. Driscoll 
Rodney S. Fields 
Thomas R. Golden 
Robert W. Goode 
Lowell L. Hess 
E. Clyde Hoelzer 
James E. Johnson, Jr. 
Joseph B. Johnson 
Robert H. Keller 
Marvin Klavans 
Leo N. Lampros 
William H. Lewis, Jr. 
R. Denby Lewis 
Alexander J. Mollis 
J. Gary Maynard, Jr. 
Michael N. Prunty 
James A. Robertson 
David G. Shannon 
George R. Vaughan 
David A. White 
E. Patterson Woodworth 
John W. Bass, Jr. 
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Mark A. Binder 
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J. Samuel Davis 
Carl F. Emswiller, Jr. 
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J. Richard Litton 
M. Russell Magee 
G. Joseph Norwood 
Steve M. Schreier 
Dorothy H. Spiggle 
Phillip C. Spiggle 
Martha J. Stepp 
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Carolyn B. Witherspoon 
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Jerry M. Wood 

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Loretta McMahan 
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Betty J. Payne 
Martha H. Shelhamer 
Shirley M. Thomas 
Margaret D. Vaughan 
Jean B. Worfolk 
Hospital Administration 
Deane E. Beamer 
George R. Berch 
Lorin S. Campbell 
Sidney Goldin 
Stanley Kamm 
Robert A. Kintzel 
Garland C. Llewellyn, Jr. 
Robert G. Payne, Jr. 
Benton Wahl, Jr. 
Medical Technology 
Phyllis H. Cronin 
Physical Therapy 
Linda H. Singleton 
Martha E. Suter 

Elizabeth M. Swinler 
Graduate Studies 

Francis J. Filipowicz 

James H. Baird 
James I. Botsford 
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Morton Coleman 
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Floanne Hinton 
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Norvelle D. McClurg 
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Rebecca L. Powell 
Nancy I. Rippey 
Ann Taylor Robinson 
Joyce Munday Rolston 
Hospital Administration 
Clyde H. Barner 
Samuel L. Hamilton 
James K. Johnson 
Peter B. Lambert 
Thomas S. McCallie 
Clarence E. McCauley 
Clyde A. Moore 
Kirby H. Smith, Jr. 
Charles J. Sweat 
James F. Williams 
Medical Technology 
Frances V. Bobbin 
Nancy L. Leidy 
Shirley L. Steele 
Carol M. Tolbert 
Physical Therapy 
George W. Clarkson 
Arthur T. Wise 


Stuart Dennis Aaron 
L. A. Brittingham, Jr. 
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Paul Fletcher White 

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Margaret R. Payne 
Michael Stredler 
Laura N. Vranian 
Robert G. Wampler 


Linda Coburn 

Carolyn Virginia Gwin 

Dorothy F. Martin 

Susan L. Mclntyre 

Rebecca A. Roberts 

Beverly D. White 

Hospital Administration 

Charles Muse Ewell, Jr. 

Donald S. Good 

Paul Gross 

Ronald H. Hutton 

Richard H. Kerr 

Robert Darrell Konnagan 

Richard Carroll Kraus 

David K. Pechmann 

Edward A. Smith, Jr. 

James H. Thompson 

Alvin S. Topham 

Harris Jackson Van Brackle 

Physical Therapy 

Linda M. Adkins 

Graduate Studies 

Alfred J. Szumski 


Matthew J. Barlow, Jr. 

Lewis W. Bridgforth 

Al Bruno, Jr. 
James G. Campbell 

Estill L. Caudill, III 
Willard F. Daniels, Jr. 

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Bruce Gilmore Sylvia 
David N. Cox 
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Paul Alexander Iwanik 
Richard T. Jacobs 


Jesse Sloan Lennon, Jr. 
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Richard Elmo Stotler 

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Rebecca Holt Monfalcone 
Frances Victoria Parker 
Ruth J. Rodgers 
Jane O. Stringer 
Jane W. Timma 
Lana Louise Waite 
Louise A. Walker 
Louis O. Wilson 
Hospital Administration 
Robert A. Boissoneau 
Gordon Morris Davis 
Robert Eugene Drisner 
Samuel Francis Lillard 
Frank Halton Mays 
George Pozega 
Robert Lindsay Shuff 
Physical Therapy 
Martha A. Clendenin 
Jennie Lee Evans 


Sally A. Abbott 

Frederick P. Alpern 

Edward B. Beirne, Jr. 

John H. Bumgarner 

Gerald C. Burnett 

Robert R. Campbell 

Hong Y. Chi 

William V. Davis 

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Donald C. Pryor 

Arnauld F. Scafidi 

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Allan K. Yung 


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Anne-Marie Garfield 
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Gerald G. Plotkin 
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George M. Snead, Jr. 
Robert B. Williams 
John W. Wright 



Judith A. Allen 

Margaret W. Allen 

Harriette E. Ford 

Patricia Stover Hall 

Mary P. Harris 

Jane R. Ingalls 

Bonnie MacCallum Johnson 

Anne M. Layman 

Linda Lee Long 

Janet H. McAvoy 

A. Courtney McKay 

N. Claudette Moore 

Suzanne Neal Rollins 

Jo Anne Spauls 

Nancy B. Wade 

Margaret A. Whitley 

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Patricia A. Wingert 

Hospital Administration 

Reuben A. Baybars 

James E. Dalton, Jr. 

Eugene L. Elliott 

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Samuel G. Feazell 

Alan B. Heilig 

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Frederick B. Sperry 

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Robert F. Willner 

Physical Therapy 

Elizabeth J. Cowan 

Diane S. Edwards 

Mary Hutt 

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Sandra C. West 

Graduate Studies 

Irma B. Bateman 

Joanne G. Southworth 

Carl Bivens, Jr. 
William McGehee Blaylock 
Albert A. Clairmont, Jr. 

Thomas C. Coniglior 
William F. Credle, J 
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M. Taylor Greenber; 
Stuart H. Hamilton," 
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Sue C. Holloway 
Andrew C. Johnson, Jr. 
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T. Thomas Musgrove, III 

James D. Neal 
H. Broderick Pack 
Lucy T. Partin 

Donald W. Rowlings 
Roger C. Robinson 

William R. Rodgers, Jr. 

Miles C. Saunders, Jr. 

William T. Shaner 

William H. Shaver 

Nelson L. Showalter 

Steven L. Silverman 

Edwin E. Smith, Jr. 

David B. Steffen 

P. Douglas Stone 

James K. Thomson, Jr. 

Katherine H. Thomson 

James W. Tolley 

Virginia C. Turner 

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Bernard M. Weiss 

Phinehas L. Wood 

Franklin D. Yancey 


Nancy B. Berger 

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Leta P. Nobles 


Patricia R. Nordgren 
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Martha B. Sellers 
E. Janine Sherfy 
Edith L. Smith 
Beverly R. Storr 
Karen Z. Strickler 
Ann K. Thorn 
Joy Turpin 
Margaret A. Terway 
Anne Vore 
Gail I. Wine 
Dixie Moore Zaglin 
Hospital Administration 
Thomas R. Clarke 
Sherwood Covill 
Jimmy Farley 
Graham F. Hendley 
Stephen P. Kralik 
Gerald W. Landis 
W. M. Loving, Jr. 
John S. Markham 
Richard L. Morris 
William M. Moss 
James E. Neal 
Archer B. Rose 
Charles P. Storrs, Jr. 
Marvin K. Strum 
John R. Watson 
Donald M. Wechsler 
George B. Wertham 
Medical Technology 

Sue Armentrout 
Yvonne M. Balducci 
Nancy R. Crooke 
Shirley M. Fritter 
Cheryl E. Gary 
Jo Ann Guthrie 
Mary A. Harrell 
Clarke T. Holland 
Vicki C. Jones 
Lisa L. Martin 
Paige L. Mitchell 
Margaret L. Owen 
Judith C. Petera 
Betty Lou Rawls 
Linda D. Wood 
Judith A. Youngblooc 
Physical Therapy 
Barbara Louise Eavis 
Sara Ann Emerson 
Patricia A. Farber 
Marie A. Fox 
Suzanne Gaskins 
Nancy J. Gebhardt 
Carolyn M. George 
Barbara A. Granthan 
Suzanne Jones 
Roslyn C. Leonard 
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Mary-Stuart D. Pratt 
Patricia A. Sakayan 
Gloria Sanders 
Barbara Shilling 
Bettyann H. Shuert 
Eugenia F. Shuller 
Patricia J. Sullivan 
A. Dianne Thurber 

Graduate Studies 
James T. Ingram 
Hermes A. Kontos 
Joseph E. Levasseur 
George J. Piasecki 
Board of Visitors 
Buford Scott 
William T. Sanger 
William F. Tompkins 
Warren E. Weaver 
House Staff 
Odie D. Brackin 
S. Farnum Coffin, Jr. 
H. Fairfax Conquest 
Macon S. Couk 
James M. Errico 
W. Davis Fort 
Maurice C. Fuquay 
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Helen W. Hallman 
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Jerome H. Sacks 
Paul Skok 
Bobby L. Smith 
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F. M. Van Den Branden 
H. Hudnall Ware, III 
Franklin P. Watkins 

Joe Harris Woody 

Robert H. Armstrong 
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Dentistry Affiliates 
Lawrence H. Cash 
Gene W. Hirschfield 
Robert M. Rubin 
Stanton J. Teitelman 
Nursing Affiliates 
Sara A. Smith 
Pharmacy Affiliates 
T. A. Abbott 
J. Leonard Beck 
L. C. Campbell 
J. H. Carter 
Everette Hawley 
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W. Welby Beverley 
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1902 William Flegenheimer (M), of Wood- 
ford, Virginia, died on July 13. Doctor 
Flegenheimer had practiced in Caroline 
County for over fifty years. 
1904 UCM Henrietta Brogdon (N), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, died on April 26. 

1908 Frank Garrett Scott, Jr. (M), of 
Orange, Virginia, died on September 8. He 
was a veteran of World War I and served 
in France with the Army Medical Corps. 
He was a charter member of the Orange 
Volunteer Fire Company and the Rotary 

1909 C. R. Butler (P), of Coleman Falls, 
Virginia, died on June 3. 

1909 UCM Thomas B. Daugherty (M), of 
Charleston, West Virginia, died on June 23. 

1910 UCM C. E. Greear (D), of Fort Black- 
more, Virginia, died on August 28. 

1915 Beverly N. Jones, Sr. (M), of Winston- 
Salem, North Carolina, has died. 
1927 Earl Joseph Haden (M), of Arvonia, 
Virginia, died on April 28. He was a re- 
tired lieutenant colonel in the Army and 
served in the Pacific theater during World 
War II. 

1929 Emmett O. Chandler (P), of Leaks- 
ville, North Carolina, died on September 6. 
James A. Jones (D), of Richmond, Virginia, 
died on April 28. 

1933 Ellis O. Coleman (M), of Martins- 
burg, West Virginia, died on September 30. 
He had retired recently from the Veterans 

1940 Charles M. Scott (M), of Bluefield, 
West Virginia, died on September 25. JHe 
was serving as governor for West Virginia 
for the American College of Surgeons. Doc- 
tor Scott served as a surgeon with the 
118th Evacuation Hospital unit in the 

E.T.O. He was a director of the First Na- 
tional Bank of Bluefield. 
Evelyn Phillips Sturges (M), of Leucadia, 
California, is deceased according to the post 

1941 Grover C. Starbuck, Jr. (D), of Ar- 
lington, Virginia, died on July 29. He was a 
past president of the Virginia State Dental 
Association and Component No. 8 Dental 

1943M Harold W. Bonifer (D), of Arling- 
ton, Virginia, died on July 4. 

1946 Richard L. Hughes (M), of Winches- 
ter, Virginia, died on July 1. He practiced 
obstetrics and gynecology. Doctor Hughes 
served as a captain in the Medical Corps 
in Panama. He was certified by the Ameri- 
can Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 
George W. Hurt (M), of Roanoke, Virginia, 
was killed in a plane crash on October 2. 

1947 John L. Sneed (P), of Appomattox, 
Virginia, died in January. 

See page 28 
New telephone number 
770-4566 or 770-4567 



May 31 

June 1 

June 2 



Deans' Page 

School of Medicine 

On September 6, 1967, history was 
made in the school of medicine. On 
that day 128 students started their 
first year in medicine, an increase of 
50 per cent over classes prior to 1962. 

This expansion has been under the 
direction of Dr. Miles E. Hench, chair- 
man of the admissions committee, and 
his associates thereon: Donald L. 
Brummer, M.D., associate professor 
of medicine; W. Kenneth Blaylock, 
M.D., professor of medicine; Ruth W. 
Campbell, M.D., assistant professor 
of pediatrics; Kenneth E. Guyer, 
Ph.D., assistant professor of bio- 
chemistry; Dean H. Hayek, Ph.D., as- 
sistant professor of physiology; Ran- 
dolph H. Hoge, M.D., professor of 
gynecology; Hunter H. McGuire, Jr., 
M.D., assistant dean of medicine; 
Susan J. Mellette, M.D., assistant pro- 
fessor of medicine; Ralph Ownby, Jr., 
M.D., associate professor of pedia- 
trics; Richard J. Wymouth, M.D., as- 
sociate professor of anatomy; and 
Nelson F. Young, Ph.D., professor of 
clinical pathology. 

On call to assist with interviews 
when necessary have been: Jack D. 
Burke, Ph.D., professor of anatomy; 
Leslie E. Edwards, Ph.D., professor 
of physiology; John L. Patterson, Jr., 
M.D., research professor of medicine; 
H. St. George Tucker, Jr., M.D., pro- 
fessor of medicine; and Wallace R. 
Wooles, Ph.D., assistant professor of 

It has been the consistent aim of 
this committee to improve the quality 
of, while increasing the number in, 
each succeeding class. Over 1100 
man hours have been given to this 
process by these busy faculty mem- 

The number of completed applica- 
tions was 990, 120 more than for the 
class entering in September, 1966. As 
before, all applications and supporting 
credentials were screened by the chair- 
man; 710 were given to individual 
members of the admissions committee 
for further review. As a result, 395 
were called in for interviews. Subse- 





66 1967 


1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 

quently, these candidates were con- 
sidered in fifteen formal sessions of 
the committee. Two hundred and sixty- 
seven individuals were regarded as ac- 
ceptable and, in descending order of 
preference, 226 were offered places in 
the class. Ninty-eight declined at that 
time, or accepted and subsequently 
withdrew; thus we made 226 offers to 
get 128 students. Forty-one accept- 
able students remained in standby 
status at the time school began. 

Our selection process gives prefer- 
ence to natives of Virginia, 260 of 
whom applied. Places were offered to 

116; 34 declined. Thus this class has 
82 Virginians, i.e. 64%. This is 20 to 
30 more individuals from our State 
than were enrolled in any class be- 
fore 1962. The remaining 46 students 
are residents of twelve other states. 

The 128 members of the class come 
from 58 separate colleges and univer- 
sities in 21 states. Sixty-three were 
educated in Virginia. One hundred 
and twenty-two have college degrees; 
62, bachelor of arts; 53, bachelor of 
science; and 7, master's degrees. 

There are 119 men and 9 women. 
The average age is 22, the youngest 
being 20 and the oldest 32. At the 
time of application, fourteen were 

We use the scores on the Medical 
College Admissions Test as evidence 
of general ability and capacity for aca- 
demic achievement. The undergrad- 
uate grade point averages are a further 
measure of basic knowledge and com- 
petitive ability. In combination these 
two factors seem to be our most re- 
liable predictors of academic success 
in medical school. 

This class has a B average and ex- 
cellent potential for medical school. 
They are equal to or better than pre- 
vious classes, representing a con- 
tinuous upward trend in the qualify of 
the student body. 

Kinloch Nelson, Dean 






^ w 


WA \A 



Q Gl 





School of Physical Therapy 

This year marks a drastic change 
in the timing of our curriculum. Our 
senior students entered into the aca- 
demic curriculum July 17, which al- 
lows them to complete the entire senior 
year by June 1. The three months 
clinical education for the senior stu- 
dents will now be held during the 
months of March, April, and May. We 
hope this arrangement will be accepted 
well by all concerned. The main rea- 
son for the change was to allow the 
senior students to complete all re- 
quired work at the time of graduation 
in June. All of our classrooms and 
laboratories are air-conditioned so we 
had no serious problems during July 
and August. The summer session will 
last six weeks and contain concen- 
trated work in physical therapy labora- 
tory courses. The junior-senior calen- 
dar is unchanged. 

A Fully Accredited Extended Care Facility 

Within 10 Minutes to Most Hospitals 


Approved for Medicare 




Each Patient Attended By His Own Doctor 

• Registered Nurse Supervision ■ 67 Beds 

• Nutritious Food by Trained Dietitian 

• Automatic Litter-size Hydraulic Elevator 

• Sprinkler System Throughout Building 

• Trained Staff of Nurses and Orderlies 

• Terraced Acres • Air Conditioned 

• Private and Multiple Rooms with Toilets 

• Rate from $368 monthly, General Care 
Member Va. and American Nursing Home Assns. 

Neal L. Maslan, M.P.H., Administrator 

"Understanding Care" 

In compliance with title VI oi the Civil Rights Act of 1954 

Terrace Hill Nursing Home 

2112 Monteiro Ave., Richmond, Va. — 643-2777 


We are graduating 28 seniors this 
year which is the largest class for 
quite some time. We regret that Miss 
Shirley Stockmeyer has left us but wish 
her much happiness and success in her 
new position in the graduate program 
in physical therapy at Boston Univer- 
sity. Our medical director, John B. 
Redford, M.D., resigned early in 
April. A. Ray Dawson, M.D., is act- 
ing medical director. 

We just returned from a stimulating 
and exciting national conference at 
Miami Beach at the Americana Hotel. 
At our MCV reunion, we counted 
nearly 70 of our former graduates. It 
was a happy reunion for many who 
had not seen each other for as many 
as 15 or 20 years. It seems Florida 
has a special attraction for MCV 

We anticipate approximately 30 
newcomers to make up our junior class. 
We also anticipate new faculty and 
hope for enlarged physical facilities. 

To all of you, our best wishes and 
we hope to see you at the next re- 
union in Chicago. 

Susanne Hirt, Director 

School of Hospital Administration 

The school of hospital administra- 
tion has 28 students enrolled in the 
class of 1967-69. 

As many of you already know, this 
year we have two students serving 
their administrative residencies in the 
MCV hospital division. They are Mr. 
Ross Ackerman and Mr. Merrill 
Grubbs. Mr. Grubbs, the recipient of 
the 1967 A. D. Williams award, is a 
Presbyterian missionary. He will re- 
turn to his mission in Korea in the 
near future. 

I would like to express apprecia- 
tion to the Alumni Association for the 
letters wishing me well as the new 
director of the school. I look forward 
to meeting all of you. I would also 
like to use this form to express thanks 
to the Board of Visitors, officers, and 
faculty of MCV for the confidence 
they have expressed in me. With the 
help of the alumni, all of those asso- 
ciated with MCV, and the good Lord 
above, perhaps, I will be able to make 
a contribution to the growth and de- 
velopment of graduate education in 
the tradition of my predecessor, the 

late Professor Bob Hudgens. Promis- 
ing you a dedication to that purpose, 
and with greetings and all best wishes, 
I am sincerely, 
Thomas C. Barker, Ph.D., Director 

School of Pharmacy 

We opened our school term with a 
full complement of 82 second-year 
students, made up of 66 men and 16 
women. With a senior class made up 
of 61 students, we should again have 
a large graduating class next June. 
It is very interesting to note that the 
effects of the five-year program now 
are behind us as far as decreased num- 
bers of graduates. For example, it 
appears that the number of graduates 
for the five-year period 1967-71 will 
be greater than any other five-year 
period in the history of our school. 

You will also be interested to know 
that the pharmacy school student body 
has less than 10% of its students 
classified as non-Virginians. It is our 
belief that we accommodated in our 
entering class all Virginia residents 
who were sincerely interested in study- 
ing pharmacy. It is true that we op- 
erated from an alternate list, beginning 
in May, but we had sufficient numbers 
of withdrawn matriculations to take 
care of those students on the alternate 
list whose career goal was the study 
of pharmacy. 

During the hearings conducted by 
the Governor's Budget Advisory Com- 
mittee in September, we pointed out 
the great need for a continuing educa- 
tion effort directed towards the prac- 
titioners of pharmacy. To this end, we 
asked for some additional positions in 
our budget. We are very much aware 
of the need for continuing education 
programs, but we are only able to 
mount a sporadic effort with the man- 
power available to us. It is also ap- 
parent that if the shortage of phar- 
macists throughout the state is to be 
relieved in any respect that we must 
have some expansion of facilities to 
accommodate additional students seek- 
ing to study pharmacy. Our capital 
outlay requests for the coming bien- 
nium include a sum of money to be- 
gin planning for an expansion in 
pharmacy so that we can accommo- 
date a 20 to 25% increase in enroll- 
ment. We last expanded our facilities 


in 1954 by about one-third and it is 
clear that growth in Virginia requires 
an additional expansion in our enroll- 

Warren E. Weaver, Dean 

School of Graduate Studies 

A total of 90 students are enrolled 
in the school of graduate studies for 
1967-1968. Eighty-two of these are 
in programs leading to the M.S. or 
Ph.D. degree; eight are part-time stu- 
dents. About one-half of these stu- 
dents receive stipends in support of 
their graduate education from the Na- 
tional Institutes of Health, National 
Science Foundation, the Office of Edu- 
cation, the A. D. Williams Founda- 
tion, or from various private and fed- 
eral research grants. These students 
contribute significantly to the research 
and teaching programs of the basic 
science departments in much the same 
manner that residents contribute to 
the clinical programs at MCV. 

The basic science departments are 
being strengthened to take care of 
the increase in the teaching load due 
to the expansion of various profes- 
sional schools. The departments of 
anatomy, physiology, and biochemis- 
try, which are largely responsible for 
the increased teaching load due to the 
increase of the entering medical class 
from 112 to 128 students, have added 
new faculty members and improved 
their programs to provide instruction 
for their larger classes. 

Dr. Robert Brownson became chair- 
man of the department of anatomy 
in March, 1967. The courses in gross 
anatomy for the medical and dental 
students have been expanded. Dr. 
Michael Schweisthal continues to be 
in charge of gross anatomy for medi- 
cal students. Dr. Hugo Seibel, who 
came to us from the University of 
Rochester, is in charge of the gross 
anatomy for dental students. Two 
other new faculty members, Dr. Juan 
Astruc and Dr. Ralph Mann, provide 
additional support in this area. Mrs. 
Louis Jones, who has so ably assisted 
in the gross anatomy laboratories for 
many years at MCV, continues to ren- 
der a valuable service. She has re- 
corded many of her excellent dissec- 
tions on television tape, which are 


used for teaching a number of student 

Dr. Ian E. Bush, formerly chairman 
of the department of physiology at the 
University of Birmingham, England, 
joined our faculty as chairman of the 
department of physiology on Septem- 
ber 1, 1967. Three new faculty mem- 
bers, Dr. Howard Yanof, Dr. Guy 
Bond, and Dr. James Poland, have 
been added to the physiology staff. 
These men, added to the already ex- 
cellent faculty in this department, 
have established a strong teaching 
and research group in physiology at 

Dr. Lynn Abbott, chairman of the 
department of biochemistry, has added 
two new faculty members, Dr. Peter 
Jezyk and Dr. Joseph Liberti. The 
research and teaching potential of this 
department has been significantly ex- 
panded; and they are attracting an 
increased amount of grant support for 
their research, including a general 
support grant of $16,000 from the 
National Science Foundation. 

Daniel T. Walts, Ph.D., Dean 

School of Nursing 

We started our 1967-68 school year 
by enrolling 375 full-time students. Of 
this number, 79 are seniors and 18 
are registered nurse students. A re- 
view of statistics reveals we have in- 
creased our enrollment 97 per cent 
over the last ten years, 44 per cent in 
the last five years, and this year's 
senior class has increased 27 per cent 
over last year. Of our total enroll- 
ment, 288 are Virginia students and 
87 are non- Virginia students. 

This year, for the first time, we 
have no students living in "old Ca- 
baniss Hall." With the completion of 
the new high-rise dormitory, all stu- 
dents can five in the new and com- 
modious facility which is a part of 
the growing student living area of our 
campus. Old Cabaniss Hall, renamed 
the Nursing Education Building, 
houses only teaching facilities, such as 
faculty offices, conference rooms, and 

We have employed 41 full-time 
faculty this year, of whom 9 are new. 


Not just one, 
but a combination 
of medically- proven 

Time and time again, members of the medical profession have tried and 
endorsed The Bank of Virginia to be consistently effective for all 
financial indications. Whether the treatment be an anti-depressant loan, 
checking convenience, efficacious savings, or a long-acting mortgage - 
The Bank is sympathetic to your particular professional problems. And 
the service is fast, fast, fast! 

^Hie Bank of Virginia 

Member F.D.I.C. / Member Federal Reserve System 



are relieved with. 



Minimum dosage 400 mg., 
q. 4 h. until relief is constant, 
adjust maintenance dosage. 

We are pleased to announce that Dr. 
Dora E. Blackmon, formerly dean of 
the school of nursing, University of 
Miami, has been appointed chairman 
of the department of medical-surgical 
nursing; and Dr. Mary Louise Pay- 
nich, formerly associate professor, 
University of South Carolina, has 
been named chairman of the depart- 
ment of public health nursing. Each 
of these persons, also, will be assist- 
ing with the planning for the masters 
program to begin September, 1968. 

Four members of last year's faculty 
are enrolled in programs of doctoral 
study; two of these have received A. D. 
Williams fellowships, so they are ex- 
pected to return. It is hoped the 
others, upon completion of their aca- 
demic requirements, will give serious 
consideration to rejoining our faculty 

We are looking forward to our first 
nursing lectureship, which the nursing 
section of the Alumni Association is 
sponsoring on December 8, 1967. It 
will be an honor to have Miss Jo 
Eleanor Elliott, president of the Ameri- 
can Nurses' Association, as the initial 
guest lecturer. 

Doris B. Yingling, Dean 

School of Medical Technology 

Our master's program was started 
in September. There are three students 
enrolled. Two are majoring in micro- 
biology and one is majoring in hema- 
tology. The course runs for 24 months 
and upon completion the graduate re- 
ceives a master of science degree in 
medical technology. 

This program is supported by the 
Allied Health Professions Educational 
Improvement Grant from the Depart- 
ment of Health, Education, and Wel- 
fare. To be eligible for the course, the 
student must possess a bachelor's de- 
gree in medical technology. Since the 
course is designed to produce more 
instructors in the field of medical 
technology, education courses and 
teaching are included in the curricu- 

We are getting the annual news- 
letter ready. We shall appreciate it if 
you will send us any changes in ad- 
dress or employment. Please include 
your zip code. 

Lena Thomas, Educational Director 

A therapeutic blood level 
cannot be obtained with 
small dosage. Trocinate is 
metabolized and eliminated 
in the urine as harmless 
degradation products — a 
safety factor. Sixteen years 
of clinical usage with the 
absence of untoward effects 
establishes the safety of Tro- 
cinate. The autonomic nerv- 
ous system is not involved in 
its prompt action. 


100 mg. and 400 mg. 


Literature and samples available. 


MCV Continuing Educational Program, 1967-1968 


November 9-10 McGuire Lectureship and Symposium: "Gastroenter- 
ology," Franz J. Ingelfinger, M.D., lecturer 

December 8 Pediatric Day: Sutton lectureship 

February 22-23 Stoneburner Lectureship and Symposium: "Renal 
Disease," Maurice Strauss, M.D., lecturer 

February 27-March 2 Nuclear Medicine for the Clinician (Williams- 
burg, Virginia) 

March 5-8 Postgraduate Course: "Head and Neck Anatomy" 

May 9-10 Pediatric Cardiology: "The Child with Heart Disease — 
Recognition and Management," James W. DuShane, M.D., lec- 

May 31 Alumni Scientific Assembly 


Radioisotopes, Monday and Wednesday, 3:00-5:00 p.m., fall quarter. 
Applied Electronics in Medicine and Biology, Monday and Wednesday, 

3:00-4:00 p.m., winter and spring quarters. 
Introduction to Biophysics, Friday, 3:00-5:00 p.m., winter and spring 

Radiation Biology, Thursday, 4:00-5:00 p.m., beginning in November 

and continuing for 30 periods. 


Class News from page 7 

tives, Sears Foundation Preceptorship Pro- 
gram, for the Virginia Academy of General 

1933 Byrnal M. Haley (D), of Warrenton, 
Virginia, has been appointed to the Board of 
Visitors of the Medical College of Virginia. 
Mary Elizabeth Johnston (M), of Tazewell, 
Virginia, is chairman of the constitution 
and bylaws committee of the Virginia Acad- 
emy of General Practice. 
Italy D. Nelson (N) has recently moved to 
Charleston, West Virginia, and is employed 
at F.M.C. Ordnance Plant as an industrial 

E. Claiborne Robins (P), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, has been named chairman-elect of the 
Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association. 

1935 John E. Alexander (M), of Falls 
Church, Virginia, spoke on "Cosmetic Surg- 
ical Reconstruction of Facial Deformities" 
at the Medical Society of Virginia meeting 
in October. 

1936 Arthur L. Van Name, Jr. (M), of 
Urbanna, Virginia, is chairman of assembly 
sites for the Virginia Academy of General 

1937 Russell G. McAllister (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, is the American Academy 
of General Practice liaison representative to 
the State medical schools. He is also chair- 
man of the editorial board of the Virginia 
Academy of General Practice. 
Alexander L. Martone (D), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, was chosen president-elect of the 
Virginia State Dental Association. 

1938 David M. Cogdell (M), of Fayetteville, 
North Carolina, is chairman of the commit- 
tee on OCHAMPUS for the Medical So- 
city of the State of North Carolina. 
Anthony M. DeMuth (D), of Farmville, 
Virginia, was installed as president of the 
Virginia unit of the American Society of 
Dentistry for Children. 

1939 Jose D. CoU (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, is chairman of the committee on oc- 
cupational health of the Virginia Academy 
of General Practice. 

DeWitt C. Daughtry (M), of Miami, Flor- 
ida, completed an extensive lecture tour of 
Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, 
and Venezuela. 

1941 Carl P. Parker, Jr. (M), of Falls 
Church, Virginia, is the liaison representa- 
tive from the Virginia Academy of General 
Practice to the Tuberculosis Association. 
Hume S. Powell (D), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, was installed as president of the Vir- 
ginia State Dental Association. 
1943M Warner J. Ball (D), of Kenbridge. 
Virginia, was chosen president-elect of the 
Virginia unit of the American Society of 
Dentistry for Children. 

Robert E. Carr (M), of Fort Worth, Texas, 
is president of the Fort Worth Heart As- 
sociation; surgeon-in-chief, Harris Metho- 
dist Hospital; consultant in thoracic surgery, 
U.S.A. F. Hospital, Fort Worth; and direc- 
tor of Fort Worth Unit, American Cancer 
Society, and chairman of its Physician 
Speakers' Bureau. He is president of the 
Texas Thoracic Society; secretary-treasurer, 
Southern Chapter of American College of 
Chest Physicians; director of the North 
Texas Area Tuberculosis, Texas Tubercu- 
losis Association, and committee on respira- 
tory diseases of the latter; and member of 
the advisory committee to the State Health 
Department on tuberculosis. Doctor Carr 
is a past president of the Fort Worth 
Tuberculosis Association. 


William J. Hagood, Jr. (M), of Clover, 
Virginia, was elected speaker of the Con- 
gress of Delegates for the Academy of 
General Practice at their meeting in Dallas, 

1943D Paul E. Brady CM), of St. Peters- 
burg, Florida, spoke at the Fourth Congress 
on Orthopedic Traumatology, Ljubljana, 
Yugoslavia, on September 13 to 17. His 
subject was "Continuous Epidura Anes- 

Robert L. Morrison (M), of Lynchburg, 
Virginia, was elected president of the Lynch- 
burg Academy of Medicine. 
Byron C. Spoon, Jr. (P), of Dayton, Ohio, 
was chosen president-elect of the American 
Pharmaceutical Association's Academy of 
General Practice. 

1944 Merritt W. Foster, Jr. (M), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, was elected president of 
the Neuropsychiatric Society of Virginia. 
William P. Morrisette (M), of Midlothian, 
Virginia, is chairman of the committee of 
Virginia Academy of General Practice per- 

Charles B. Wilkerson (M), of Raleigh, North 
Carolina, is chairman of the credentials 
committee of the Medical Society of the 
State of North Carolina. 

1945 Robert F. Jackson (D), of Hillsville, 
Virginia, was named vice-president of the 
Virginia unit of the American Society of 
Dentistry for Children. 

Ernest W. Larkin, Jr. (M), of Washington, 
North Carolina, serves as councilor for the 
second district of the Medical Society of 
the State of North Carolina. 
George A. Zirkle, Jr. (M), of Knoxville, 

Tennessee, has been elected president of 
the Knoxville Academy of Medicine. 

1946 Claude C. Coleman (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, spoke on "Reconstructive Pro- 
cedures in Head and Neck Cancer Surgery" 
at the Medical Society of Virginia in Octo- 

Richard C. Reed (M), of Norfolk, Virginia, 
has been elected treasurer of the Norfolk 
County Medical Society 

1947 G. Edward Calvert (M), of Lynch- 
burg, Virginia, was chosen president-elect of 
the Lynchburg Academy of Medicine. 
Milton D. Friedenberg (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, was chosen president-elect of the 
Neuropsychiatric Society of Virginia. 
Russell E. Simpson, Jr. (P;, and his wife, of 
Virginia Beach, Virginia, announce the birth 
of a son, Russell Simpson, III, on April 19. 

1948 John D. Beall (D), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, was installed as president of the 
Richmond Dental Society. 

1949 Kathryn Misko Clendenen (N), of 
Homer City, Pennsylvania, was awarded a 
master of education degree with a major 
in counselor education from Indiana Uni- 
versity of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsyl- 
vania. She is presently employed by the 
united joint school district, New Florence. 
Ulric J. Laquer (M), of Cape May Court 
House, New Jersey, who is president of 
the Cape May County Chamber of Com- 
merce, was honored by the New Jersey 
Association County Chamber of Commerce. 
He was presented the 1967 Garden State 
Award, given for outstanding voluntary 

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Richmond, Virginia 23215 

William C. Link (M), of Bloomington, In- 
diana, was elected president of the Owen- 
Monroe County Medical Society for 1967. 

1950 J. Ervin Cannon, Jr. (D), of Harts- 
ville, South Carolina, is president of the 
Board of Dental Examiners for the State 
of South Carolina. 

1951 Thomas H. Holland (P), of Danville, 
Virginia, has been elected president of the 
American Pharmaceutical Association's 
Academy of General Practice of Pharmacy. 
Thomas H. Jennings (M), of Bedford, Vir- 
ginia, is the Virginia Academy of General 
Practice, ad hoc committee, V.A.G.P. Con- 
gress of Delegates, chairman. 

Eugene B. Linton (M), of Winston-Salem, 
North Carolina, is chairman of the com- 
mittee on family and marriage counselling 
of the Medical Society of the State of North 

Faith Collins Pratt (N) has moved to Miami 
Beach, Florida. Her husband, Robert V. 
Pratt, is the executive city editor of The 
Miami News. They have two sons, Robert 
Scott, 10, and Alan Collins, 8. 

1952 Robert O. Burns (M), of Madison, 
Wisconsin, who is associate professor of 
medicine at the University of Wisconsin, 
was voted by the seniors the outstanding 
member of the faculty. He received a 
$1,000 prize. 

Jack W. Chevalier (D), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, has been chosen president-elect of the 
Richmond Dental Society. 
J. W. Creef (M), of Norfolk, Virginia, is 
the newly elected secretary of the Norfolk 
County Medical Society. 
Emily E. Jones (M), of West Hartford, 
Connecticut, has been named associate med- 
ical director in the employee health division 
of the medical department at The Travelers 
Insurance Companies. 

Bernard H. Miller (M), of Norfolk, Vir- 
ginia, was named secretary-treasurer of the 
Virginia Diabetes Association. 
James R. York (M), of Berryville, Virginia, 
is chairman of the hospital committee of 

Compliments of 

Richmond Memorial 



the Virginia Academy of General Practice. 
He was installed as president of the Med- 
ical Association of the Valley of Virginia. 

1953 William R. Maynard, Jr. (P), of 
Richmond, Virginia, has been appointed by 
the Governor to a five-year term on the 
Board of Pharmacy. 

1954 Harold W. Felton (M), of Deltaville, 
Virginia, has been appointed to a four- 
year term on the Middlesex County School 

G. Stanley Mitchell, Jr. (M), of Newport 
News, Virginia, is chairman of the 1968 As- 
sembly for the Virginia Academy of Gen- 
eral Practice. 

John A. Morris (D), of Norfolk, Virginia, 
was chosen secretary-treasurer of the Vir- 
ginia unit of the American Society of Den- 
tistry for Children. 

1955 John A. Board (M), of Richmond, 
Virginia, spoke on "Induction of Ovula- 
tion" at the Medical Society of Virginia 
meeting in October. 

John P. Jimenez (M), of Durham, North 
Carolina, has been appointed assistant pro- 
fessor of radiology at Duke University 
Medical Center. He and his wife, Margaret, 
adopted a son, Anthony Jennings, on No- 
vember 28. 

Fitzhugh Mayo (M), of Virginia Beach, Vir- 
ginia, is chairman of the education commit- 
tee and is the liaison representative to the 
Medical Society of Virginia; and Clarence 
W. Taylor (M), of Shawsville, Virginia, is 
chairman of preceptorships for the Virginia 
Academy of General Practice. 

1956 Richard L. Collins (P) and his wife, 
Marilyn, of Richmond, Virginia, announce 
the birth of their first child, Steven George, 
on June 6. Mr. Collins is employed by 
A. H. Robins Company, Inc. as a clinical 
research pharmacist. 

Keith C. Edmunds (M), of Roanoke, Vir- 
ginia, is chairman of the professional and 
public relations committee of the Virginia 
Academy of General Practice. 
James R. Sease (M), of Harrisonburg, Vir- 
ginia, was made secretary of the Medical 
Association of the Valley of Virginia. 
Herman L. West (PT), of Chesapeake, Vir- 
ginia, is chief physical therapist at the Tide- 
water Rehabilitation Institute. 

1957 Robert V. Perkins, Jr. (D), of Rich- 
mond, Virginia, was chairman for the an- 
nual meeting of the Virginia State Dental 
Association in September in Richmond. 
Irma Jeanne Wolford Pugh (MT), of Rom- 
ney, West Virginia, has returned to work 
after being at home for six years with her 
three children. She is chief technologist at 
the laboratory at Hampshire Memorial 
Hospital. She writes, "It's amazing what 
the mind forgets in a few years! But it's 
all coming back and I find the work inter- 
esting and rewarding." 

1958 John I. Bowman, Jr. (D), of Virginia 
Beach, Virginia, was made a diplomate of 
the American Board of Oral Surgery. He 
teaches one day a week at MCV. 

Bessie W. Latham (N) graduated from the 
U. S. Air Force flight nurse course at 
Brooks Air Force Base. Captain Latham 
received special training in the duties of a 
medical attendant on aeromedical evacua- 
tion aircraft. She is assigned to Clark A.B., 

Clabe W. Lynn, Jr. (M), of Raleigh, North 
Carolina, joined the staff of Dorothea Dix 
hospital as a psychiatrist. The Lynns have 
two daughters, Chloe Beckwith, 3, and 
Susan Lunsford, born on September 6. 


Marvin L. Weger (M), of Richmond, Vir- 
ginia, is the liaison representative to the 
A C O G of the Virginia Academy of Gen- 
eral Practice as well as chairman of the 
cervical cancer detection committee. 

1959 Spencer D. Albright, m (M), and his 
wife, of Fayetteville, Arkansas, announce 
the birth of a son, Leonard Clyde, on April 
14. Doctor Albright practices dermatology. 
Robert R. Weiler (M), of Wheeling, W.Va., 
practices his specialty of orthopedic surgery 

1960 Robert L. Gilliland (M) has opened 
an office for the practice of medical neu- 
rology in Youngstown, Ohio. 

Sue Worsham Horger (MT) and her hus- 
band, of Palos Verdes Peninsula, California, 
a suburb of Los Angeles, announce the 
birth of their first child, Susan Lynn, on 
September 23. 

Sharon S. Smith (N) and her husband, of 
Decatur, Alabama, announce the birth of 
their third son, David Irby, on May 4. 
Their other two boys are Steven (5) and 
Scott (2V4). 

Anne R. (N) and Van R. Williams (H.S. '60) 
are living in Staten Island, New York, 
where Doctor Williams is deputy chief of 
ophthalmology at the U.S.P.H.S. Hospital. 
They have four sons. 

1961 Judith Hawkins Barton (N) and her 
husband, of Cranberry, New Jersey, an- 
nounce the birth of their third daughter 
on September 7. Her husband is now mar- 
ket research assistant for the New York 
Central Railroad. 

David Brandt (M), of Boulder, Colorado, 
entered the practice of internal medicine 
with the Boulder Medical Center in July, 

Byrd Barkley French (N) and her husband, 
Bill, of Peru, Indiana, announce the birth 
of their first son, Brandon Elmore, on July 
2, 1967. 

Margaret Stevens Johnson (N), of Pamona, 
California, is currently doing weekend re- 
lief at the Casa Colina Rehabilitation Cen- 
ter, where she was formerly head nurse. 
Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have two girls, 
Stephanie and Beth; and, for a year, they 
had a fourteen-year-old foster son. Mrs. 
Johnson has taken some courses, plans to 
take more, and hopes to teach some day. 
Victor E. Mazzocco (M) has an office in 
Charleston, West Virginia, for the practice of 
internal medicine. 

1962 Robert E. Kanich (M) completed the 
orientation course for offices at Sheppard 
A.F.B., Texas. He is being assigned to Wal- 
ter Reed Medical Center, Washington, D. C. 
Robert G. Kendall (M) is now in practice 
in Winchester, Virginia. He has joined a 
surgical clinic and is practicing neuro- 
surgery at Winchester Memorial Hospital. 
Barbara H. Muller (P) and her husband, 
Raymond, of Petersburg, Virginia, announce 
the birth of their second son, Brett Arthur, 
on August 22. 

Elizabeth Roberts Olsen (MT) was married 
August 20, 1966. She and her husband 
live in Mill Valley, California, where Mr. 
Olson is employed as an attorney with the 
Bureau of Internal Revenue. Mrs. Olsen is 
currently employed by the Marin County 
Hospital, San Rafael. 

G. Evangeline Yoder (PT) is living in Lon- 
don, England. She worked at National 
Hospital until October and is now taking 
a special physical therapy course. 

1963 Rebecca L. Powell (N), of New Or- 
leans, Louisiana, is now a medical-surgical 


instructor at Mather School of Nursing, 
Southern Baptist Hospital. 
Nancy I. Rippey (N), of Atlanta, Georgia, 
received her masters degree in nursing edu- 
cation specializing in maternal child nurs- 
ing. She is now employed as a pediatric 
clinical specialist at Henrietta Egleston for 
Children in Atlanta. 

Ann Clark Steinbach (N) and her husband, 
Roger, of Carrsville, Virginia, announce the 
birth of their first child, Karen Bennett, on 
June 1. 

Dixie Rast Whong (N) has been appointed 
an evangelistic missionary to Brazil by the 
Presbyterian Board of World Missions. 

1964 Ronald B. David (M) completed his 
pediatric residency in July, 1967. He was 
the recipient of N.I.H. special award for 
training in pediatric neurology. He is cur- 
rently in pediatric neurology graduate train- 
ing, Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, 
Rochester, Minnesota. 

1965 Donald F. Perkins (M), of Brick 
Town, New Jersey, is a second-year resi- 
dent in ophthalmology at The Wills Eye 
Hospital, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
David A. Reid (D), who was stationed at 
Hanscom A.F.B., Bedford, Massachusetts, 
is out of service and has set up his private 
practice of dentistry in Arlington, Virginia. 
Louis Oliver Wilson (N), of Willowdale, 
Ontario, completed her second year as nurs- 
ing instructor at St. Joseph's Hospital in 
Chatham, Ontario. She and her husband, 
a former MCV chaplain, have moved to 
Toronto, where he is executive assistant for 
interprofessional relations for the Toronto 
Institute for Pastoral Training, with offices 
in Toronto General Hospital. 

1966 Charles L. Cuttino, JJJ (D), completed 
his dental internship at Lackland AFB, 
Texas. He has been assigned to Homestead 
AFB, Florida. 

Crawford E. Foy (D) completed his intern- 
ship in the Naval Dental Corps at the 
Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, Virginia. He is 
reporting for duty with the Third Marine 
Division, Vietnam. 

Raymond G. Plowden (D) completed a med- 
ical service officer basic course at Brooke 
Army Medical Center. 

1967 Charles D. Dean, HI (D), completed 
his orientation course at Sheppard AFB, 
Texas, and has been assigned to the USAF 
hospital at Incivlik A.B., Turkey. 

Bobby G. Gore (D), of Loris, South Caro- 
lina, completed a medical service officer 
basic course. 

'Rcuttc) ike Circuit 

West Virginia Chapter 

The West Virginia Chapter met on 
August 24 at The Greenbrier, White 
Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. The 

Dr. Horace R. Vial (M'43M) and Dr. 
W. Alva Deardorff (M'56). 

president, Dr. W. Alva Deardorff 
(M'56) was the able presiding officer. 
Dr. William L. Cooke (M'29) repre- 
sented the president, Mr. John M. 

A group of West Virginia alumn 

More good West Virginia alumni. Dr. John N. Pastore (D'47) and Mr. Ed- 
ward A. Wayne. 
Bierer, and Dr. Kinloch Nelson, as 

usual, gave a most interesting and 

amusing" talk on the status quo in the proposed university. He has promised 

school of medicine. Miss Minnie M. us a further re P ort for The Scarab 

Franck, executive secretary, was also after the re P ort 1S turned over t0 the 

there. Governor. 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles T. Lively (M'54). 

Doctor Lively is all decked out for the 

Weston centennial. 

It's always a good party when the 
West Virginia alumni get together. 
Dr. Horace R. Vial (M'43M) was 
elected president. 

Luncheon, Virginia State Dental 

The alumni of MCV, who attended 
the Virginia State Dental Convention 
in Richmond, had lunch together on 
September 25. Dr. W. C. Henderson 
served as master of ceremonies and 
introduced Mr. Edward A. Wayne, 
chairman of the Commission to Plan 
the Establishment of a New State Uni- 
versity in the Richmond Metropolitan 

Mr. Wayne gave a most informative 
and up-to-date report on the Com- 
mission's findings concerning the new 


Drs. Leon Slavin (D'31), Anthony M. 
DeMuth (D'38), E. P. Osborne, Jr. 
(D'63), and W. C. Henderson (D'37). 

Charles P. Cardwell, Jr. 
In the News 

Mr. Charles P. Cardwell, Jr., re- 
tired on July 1 as director of the MCV 
hospitals and was made vice-president 
of development and community rela- 
tions. He was honored in August by 
the American College of Hospital Ad- 
ministrators with their Gold Medal 
Award for Excellence in Hospital Ad- 

Mr. Cardwell came to MCV in 
1940 as director of buildings and 
grounds and was appointed director of 
the College hospitals in 1947. In 
1962, he was named vice-president 
and awarded an honorary degree of 
doctor of hospital administration. 

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